Sooo you really bout to feed 20 muthafuckas wit that small ass grill tho?

Labor day weekend is officially a wrap and bbq season is pretty much over( unless your the douchebag who sees a high of 72 degrees and wants to start a bbq at 5pm, then gets mad when 5 people show up). People all over NYC enjoyed the mini vacation from their robotic non-existant life to chow down burned burgers and hot dogs while listening to garbaled ipod music from a faulty speaker ( jus keep wiggling the cord).

Who doesnt love a good ole BBQ?

Cuz I sure do. Well maybe because im a free loader and what better way to be incognegro with my ways than around a bunch of drunk people and good vibes?
So when i hear of a bbq ( cuz im never invited) my mouth begins to water thinking of all the traditional bbq pieces im bout to go ham on. ( ironically, when have you ever seen ham at bbq?)

So as i bring my jolly ass to the bbq, colt 45s and OE’s in hand, thinking im doin something, my first instinct after i dap up who i kno with the illest of fist pounds,is to look at the grill.



Dude, i strategically showed up a hour and half after it started just so i can be on point with the food and all i fuckin see on the grill is 3 burgers and 4 hot dogs? O..i get it, wheres the pans where your placing the already cooked food at? ….wait ….YOU JUST FUCKIN STARTED!!!! WTF YO!


You got about 20 to 25 hungry black people, which im sure a couple of them were straight up mother land African and you got the nerve…matter fact…the AUDACITY to bring out a 12 by 12 inch grill bruh bruh!? Really?….so you did like absolutely no planning huh? No consideration for your reputation?

Anddd you already know those burgers and dogs got peoples names on em so ima have to fuck around and wait till like the 3rd or 4th grill session to finally get a plate. Smfh, did you no i fuckin skipped breakfast cuz i wanted to have my appetite on Adrian Brody and this the thanks i get? Bad enough the burgers are of the silver dollar variety and you couldnt have started grilling before people got there? Ooo let me guess, you wanted people to see you in action huh? Let muthafuckas know who exactly is making the burger, with the finest of Adobo ingrediants? Word to me , i feel like earthing you right now fam.

Nigga you made facebook fliers for this shit? Really broozay?
What happen to, “its gonna be a Movie!” ? And why didnt you let me know it would be on BET and starring Clifton Powell jr?

Smh shit dont make no sense…..


2 thoughts on “Sooo you really bout to feed 20 muthafuckas wit that small ass grill tho?

  1. shelly

    LmFao.! ur a clown, but yes those things happen wayy tooo frequently at bbqs.. but wait how about the B.Y.O.B (Bring your own bottle) events/bbqs? How do you throw a BBQ but tell all the people you’re inviting to “Come and show Love”. The love that these “party planners”, and yes i use the term loosely, are referring to is definitely whatever you bring to the bbq. And niggz will do some effd up shit and come thru w a personal bottle but then try to pop thatt lil ass bottle amongst a group of 8 niggz. lmao, funniest shit ever.!


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