The dreaded Henny thug

First off let me start off this diatribe ( Steven A. Smith voice) by saying im a reformed Henny thug. Yes the obnoxious guy at the function who doesnt kno when to shut up when few too many drinks are in him and he feels he can take on the world while simultaneously fuckin yo bitch. Yea….that guy…..he is I and I am him….well use to be, so i think im qualified to talk about this waste of life.

Now i wasnt the extreme level of Henny thug who waits to brake out his shell once he is uncontrollably drunk but cowards while sober, it more so enhanced what i tried to keep underwraps while living this stressful life of a black man in America. So if there was skill level of Henny thug id prolly be Robert Paxson. Anyway, lets talk about The Jordans of the Henny Thug world.

lets face it, we ALL have a bit of Henny Thug in us. The face gets numb, fist feel invincible and swag is on a hundred thousand trillion( tho your rocking levis and a 3 dollar white tee from Amadu) but its how you respond to those changes as the cups continue to flow.
See the thing about Henny Thug is that he is a totally different person when sober. Very non-confrontational, in his own thoughts most time and more then likely still gets picked on. He doesnt know much about fighting, just knows how to avoid it and is pretty much a pushover.

Henny thug has no sense of self and once drunk he begins to act out his favorite rap video, has the bravado of a 7 feet tall, two chainz ass nigga but when shit gets real he on his marshall faulk to the bathroom and afraid to come back out( waddup plies). Theres a deflation of a fun atmosphere once Henny Thug appears while doing his best tupac impression and lord knows if you try to burst his bubble he will not take kindly to that.

Since we know who Henny thug really is we constantly give him passes cuz we kno he really not built for the life he is tryin to portray. But THIS MUTHAFUCKA THINKS you falling back cuz he is superior…smh. By now all the women who you took time to corral around you are lookin at you and him in disgust cuz of his actions which ends up fuckin up your pussy for the night and HE IS OBLIVIOUS TO THE WHOLE FUCKIN SCENE . Worst is when he doesnt even fuckin remember what he did, so no lesson learned, no moral to the story, jus an endless cycle of variations of Henny Thugs night. Then wanna dap you up the next day like shit all coo smh.

I try my hardest to stay away from this guy and so should you!


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