Worm Lady ( WTF!)

So somebody was tellin me how a friend of a friend had takin a trip France. As she was partying in a club she met a guy and had sex with him in the bathroom.

(Well what happens in France, doesnt stay in France)

Weeks back from her trip she complains of severe stomach aches , amongst other things and goes to the get a checkup. Thinking she must of gotten an STD she was surprised to find out that she had worms. She ask if by worms, the doc was talkin bout a tape worm , but in fact the doc says that its not a tape worm but actually worm parasite that u get FROM FUCKIN DEAD PEOPLE!

She is confused, like dead people? and she begins to think back on past sexual relationships and assumes it must of been the guy from France. When tried to reach him, she didnt get an answer so she decided to call Authoritys. When tellin the Authorites about what had happend , they got his information and went to house.

What they found in his apartment was what makes this story insane. 2 dead bodies in a room , which he was apparently fucking from time to time!

Soo much fail in this story and the girl is nasty as fuck , cuz not only did she fuck a nigga she met at a club but also must of been raw dog. Smh ….scust.


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