Whats your A/S/L Ma?



Ah man the good ole days when you was 13 frontin like you was 15 thinking it would get you an advantage on some pussy you couldnt even locate if ya life depended on it. While simulataneously minimizing the screen when moms came through looking with her looking ass( what excuse did you say? Lol, mines was downloading music)
  Ahh man bruh bruhs i was on my dean back in those days, my life consisted of Robin Bird( act like you dont know the theme song) , AOL chat and chocolate milk.

Ya feel me ? Or DO YA FEEL ME?

  Mannn look, nothing could beat waiting for that bitch ass yellow nigga to run across my screen to let me know my slow ass 56k modem speed computer finally loaded  onto AOL.
See AOL was pretty GOAT at the time and EVERYBODY was intuned with the movement.Niggaaa, ACT LIKE  it didnt feel like  CHRISTMAS when you came up on a free trial AOL cd!

  See i would always go into the teen rooms and I BELIEVE black voices if im not mistaken on aol and would have a field day talkin to the various girls i all presumed were dimes.( lets face it we believed anything them hoes were sayin at the time,later on the invention of the cameraphone fucked my life up tho)
Man my swag was thru the roof when i stepped into the room. You got the shoutout that you entered, and i would be quick to post up some:

Ladies wassup, im the one u wanna holla at , 16/m/nyc .

Or some corny variation of that( different ages with different moods, real pimp shit). But Oooooo bitches would be quick to holla at the nyc niggas and i would love it. So i would be quick on the A/S/L question and would get dumb hype when shorty would show the slightest intrest.

The game was to get the most girls in those one on one private box messengers, try to get a good description of her, some small talk and theeeeeeen GET SOME CYBER SEX!! HAHAHAHA.

  Oooo u gon sit there and not acknowledge the game? Sooo i was the ONLY nigga at 13 hype as fuck when a bitch started mashing her keys like: 
  ahshfjisiwhdhhxbdhsa im cumming! I cant control what i type?

Mannnn act like im not takin yall down memory lane! Haha.

  Good times, good times… But you know, knowing what i know now i can only imagine the type of chris hanson niggas who were on them chats hard body fronting like they was females.( hate to burst your bubble BUT im pretty sure one of them no scanner for pics, afraid to get on the mic bitches was actually an old don vito white dude)

  All and all i had soo much fun and hours dedicated to the chatrooms and the filth that went on in em, from the rude nigga who blow everybodys shit when he took over the voice option to play his wack ass music, the funny debates, the cyber thuggin, cracks on ugly chicks etc. It was a day of age that lookin back compared to today,  WAS actually very innocent fun( unless u was that dumb bitch who decided to go to some strange nigga house, never to be heard of again)

  I possibly frequented all the poppin chats at the time. My top ones were:
1.  Yahoo( they fucked the game up with the voice option! But my broke ass didnt have a mic tho smh)
2. AOL( the originators, nuff said)
3. Teen chat, but i think it had got shut down for some reason.

(Am i forgetting any big ones or any stories you would like to share? Send a comment)



2 thoughts on “Whats your A/S/L Ma?

  1. Sasha MsAmor

    Yooo this def took me down memory lane. I actually made a couple fake AOL accounts to catch my ex boyfriend cheating. Wild!!!!!!


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