You a Big man, Fuck you shooting 3s fo!!?



Striaght up , like a dark cloud forms over the basketball court when he arrives. Big men, with the skinny guard mentality ..THATS THE SHIT I DONT FUCKIN LIKE…..AT ALL!!

  Bruh Bruh ,  i kno we all grew up wanting to be Allen Iverson and shit but what about being the George Muresan of this shit? I kno, i kno…in middle school you ran the point and all of a sudden junior high hit and you had a growth spurt of 4 feet. But dude, you gotta fuckin adjust your game accordingly( why you lookin at me like that?, o lemme guess,im buggin right?)

Why you gotta try and Do EVERYTHING on the court? You the tallest nigga here,Why must you live your, it coulda been , if i didnt break my leg playin jenga when the blocks fell n tripped on my way to the bathroom, dreams on the same court im on right now?

Dude… So you jus gon grab the rebound and try to go coast to coast in ya sloppy foot size 17 Al Harrington’s huh?

Im standing open at the key…no one guarding me!! You……jus gonna take it up on 4 muthafuckas huh?…oo naaa its coo you got fouled. I would be at the line right now , i understand …..the PSAL league you play in OK’s this behavior…silly me.

Ooo and then, this muthafucka can critique EVERY MUTHAFUCKAS GAME ON THE COURT but when it comes to him , we spose to jus let him do him? Fuck kinda rules of life is this Stretch Armstrong ass nigga on?

Think you cool cuz you rockin a YMCA league jersey from 2008 huh? Nike shorts with the socks rolled up to the knees and got the gusto to rock some damn compression shorts like we in a game 7 of the NBA FINALS . But what the fuck you protecting yourself from bruh? One nigga playin in jeans and another nigga dribbling the ball with a baby arm ( crossed the shit outta me tho smh). This aint exactly a stacked 10 players on the court and you just gotta show out huh ? ……scust.

So then as im wondering whats on this dudes bisquit, i look on the bench and Ohhhhh it all makes sense. His Asian Girlfriend is there and he tryin to show out smh….i hate this guy. I hate him more then the bum ass white dude with the ill jump shot, the guy who calls foul every COT DAYUM PLAY, and the sweaty muthafucka who decides to play with no shirt( tho this nigga is a close fuckin second and possibly numero uno if im guarding him smh).

Hope i dont run into this nigga today…..


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