Yo duke, Imma need you to grow some facial hair


Fuck is up dun?
Cuz ya be lookin real suspicious fam. Bunch of Diggy Simmons, WHO’S HOUSEEEE!? RUNS HOUSEEEEE!! lookin muthafuckas.

So….walkin round with the Smokey Robinson/Babyface Edmunds look is whats poppin in the street? You out here with the prior military face and all you ever served for this county was coffee.

If you gotta clean face, then i prolly wont trust ya( fab voice)

Matter fact, how many arrest have you made cuz im sure you workin with them PEOPLE. Got me feelin like i gotta talk in code when you around. Walkin round smiling all the time , lookin like a law abidding citizen, ole safe negro lookin ass nigga. You trying to gain acceptance huh? Nigga you fitting in every rape profile in America. Theres a reason you keep gettin stared at.

You out chea lookin like the Geico lizard,but we not spose to crack jokes?Naa dun. its Man law bruh, and you lookin real unfamiliar.

I remember when i was hurting for cash( still am tho), no job and out of high school and and applied for a job at mcdonalds, said fuck it. they always hiring. So i get there, fill out the application, and as i go up to the manager to hand it in, funky bitch gon tell me i need to SHAVE MY BEARD AND ROCK THE HITLER STACHE!!



Said fuck that shit.

Even back then i knew what being a REAL NIGGA was about and i wasnt bout to compromise it for no 6.50 an hr. Ooh, so I gotta walk round wit the perv face making 150 a week , smellin like fries and obesity? You can suck my whoooole dick. I know damn well i dont gotta rock the African struggle Face just to get a job in a America.

Now for the 10 percent of the world that got them Skip Bayless Genes where u better not never grow facial hair, yall excluded from this rant. It just never worked out for ya, n i get that, Play on playa.


For the rest of yall salamander face, creepy and old , but young lookin muthafuckas , ya need to dead that.


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