The Reagan Era. Tale of the hoodrat belt.


The booming crack epidemic of the 80s had quickly ravaged the once proud black communities of the East and West coast. Reagan Era was in full affect and dreams were crushed. No hope, no answers, the black working class regressed to strung out fiends and drug peddlers.
Pakistani immigrant named Ockmed, draped in cheap corner store cologne, reaking of slimeball and baby gold chains , seen this as an oppurtunity to slide another one of his cheap products into the heavily materialistic culture.
While the exact origin of the hoodrat belt is often disputed( some theorist have said, he had backing from a covert CIA operative), Ockmed was heavily credited with the invention and success.
Ockmed’s original hoodrat belts came in an assortment of colors starting with black, white, red and blue. These belts, which sold for 50 cent, were made with the finished toilet paper roll cylinder he found discarded in the garbages of Harlem, which he then unraveled. The unraveled paper roll was then glued to 6 others for a comfortable fit around the waist( everybody was on crack, small waistlines). He then took sharpie markers and colored the tan unraveled paper in the colors he felt would sell the most. He would laugh as he made the belts because he knew the shelf life of these poorly made designs would only be a couple days before they began to break apart. He thought he would sell a couple, get his ass beat , leave town and set up shop in another part of New York. Not one fuck was given.
As he made about 20 belts, which took him upwards to 3months to complete, he took a shopping cart and strolled down 125th st and broadway with his belts hangin over the sides of the cart. What happened next was what turned this smelly man into a legend.
Broke hoodrat bitches instantly fell in love with the cheap belts and were sold out in about 2 hours. And here we are, fast forward to 2012 where the hoodrat belt has become a symbol of ….well being a hoodrat.
(at this point i realized just how stupid this story was)

These belts , which can be found on any poor street corner in America, really allows me to know if a girl im intrested in, aint shit. Usually what comes with these belts are alot of weave wearing, neckrolling, loud gum poppin and blaxploitation style names that end with qua. Now that im older i dont need that type of stress and if shorty rockin a dingy white belt, chances are she need to get FUCK FROM ROUND ME !!

Yo how am i suppose to value your pussy when the exact thing used to keep up the veil of secrecy between me and your labia looks all worn out?

Out chea rockin the Larry Holmes , flabby and sick collection belts? Naaaaaaaa b.
A cheap ass red belt can ruin a girls whole attempt at trying to be wifey type yo. We not in 9th grade no more, pack that shit the fuck up right now and get yourself a grown womens belt .using a dull ass scissor to create extra holes is NOT WOAH. Belt all disintegrating with each step you take and shit. Smh at you belly button starting to itch once you put it on …RESPECT YOURSELF!! Smelling like disappointment.


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