Damnnnn Brandy, what the f**k happen to you?

Now Let me start by saying this,
I use to love this ole nasally, constant head cold, sounding broad back in the day. Moesha was the shit AND i even took her side with her beef wit Monica, cuz cot dammit that boy was hers and I was that boy!( later Chilli from TLC came to crush the buildings once CrazSexyCool dropped and she was humpin the air in that shiny gray outfit WOOO LAWD)Now…moving along……

So as many know, Brandy took alil hiatus from the R&B game and recently got with sickly built Chris ” i love two girls at the same damn time” Brown to drop a joe dirt shit rock from where ever the fuck she been hiding.( she made sure to hit up the africans on 2 5th for them braids before she appeared tho smh)

Great way to start off my friday huh?……..


For one, I feel there should of been a law in order style voiceover stating this video was shot on location at the local Chinatown Pathmark parking lot. I mean seriously, what was the budget of this video? Shit look like it was recorded with a tracphone. As im watchin the video, i couldnt help but feel like im watching an unofficial video shot by an extra on set, i was jus waiting for somebody to whisper worldstar. I have a relatively sharp ass hd phone screen and this bitches face is blurry as fuck in the opening damn scene!. Now thinking about it, that might of been a directors decision cuz wtf was up with her make up? She must of holla’d at Lauren Hill.

Now lets move on to the actual song.


Off bat, this was def a Chris brown song given to brandy to cover. Chris Brown ghostwriten song + mainstream hippity hop beat = a hit, right? Sheeeeeeeeeit

Chris must of been caught up in his own world, fuckin rihanna while lying to that Amerie knockoff when he recorded this track. Cuz it sounds so half assed its unbelieveable that Brandy chose this to be her lead off, hello world, im back song. She is insulting my intellgence to think ima let her slide throwing this teeny bop, Now 77, music out here after her hiatus.

Sure the hook is pretty catching but damn she was doin her absolute best to sound like chris brown and it weirded me the fuck out. Sounding like a horsed tranny is not whats poppin in these skreets cousin. I could barely make it to Chris Browns actual verse cuz i heard him two verses before and i was starting to catch an epileptic seizure.

Its 2 12 , damn near 2013 and you out here using Darrin Henson( look him up) choreographed moves from a 2002 workout dvd thinkin shit kosher. Shit even Chris was like im not even gon use my best stomp the yard moves for this bullshit.

She needs to give up them tight ass braids, let that Stevie Wonder Hairline relax for a bit and come with some stronger substance.


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