Bruh…..let me start off by saying this:

  You single-handedly brought me outta blog retirement to comment on this atrocity we have here. I havent felt this inspired to add my two cents to something since lawd knows when( well actually my last post) and i planned on keepin it that way until this joe dirt shit rock,plea for attention, donkey of the day potential song you dropped on my interwebs the other day.

For those who may not have heard( thank baby Jesus), Cassidy decided to jump on the already heavily remixed youtube smash hit track Gangnam style and get this……..titled it CONDOM STYLE!!!!!!!!!! the worst part of all you know he was DEAD ASS SERIOUS!!

Now Cass, brotherman….Did YOU NOT REALIZE that the thousand of remixed songs were Parodies? You know…ha ha..he he…lets make a funny? U know ..nothing to take seriously?
U actually tried to spit some shit on this track and failed…miserably. its laughable how bad this is. Nigga if the original was famous Sals pizzeria, your product was that rubbery ass tostinos pizza pockets and they were so microwaved that the paper plate ripped the bottoms off the crust and when u bit into it, tore apart the roof of your mouth, Capt’n Crunch style (hmm, maybe ill make my own remix..).
SMH how you Manage to get below Hot pocket quality music?

To help you out,im not even gon post the song up ( well actually im too lazy to figure out how to do it again)
I had your back when the potential rap battle between you and ( All i do is scream til they accept me) Meek Millz seemed to be on the horizon. I just knew you were the superior rhyme slinger and would murder Meek in a head up ( I even gave you a pass when you said that horrible Micheal Jordan braids line on 2k11) . I even allowed the fact that your old as fuck and still cant let go of the jersey era and fitted hats cuz u was a real nigga.
But brovolone….this just aint working out for you, it maybe time to fade away like your hairline. Speaking of hairlines, brozay you couldnt get your shit lined up straight if Swizz would give you another hit record and let you sign back under that full surface label. Speaking of labels, i even gave you a pass for thinking signing to a label ran by Carmelo Anthony was a great career move. Smh dude, you ever met any artist who was signed under an athlete even have a soundcloud page? Moving along..

First off, fire all the niggas that were around you that allowed you to think this was a good idea and smack the yosamitty sam out of the nigga who told you to give a psa in the beginning as if we was gonna give you a pass for the wack sauce you was bout to drop.

Smash a pot of ocra and tomatoes on the head of the nigga who was prolly mollied out his mind and sweating when he did the hook.

When Meek was callin you all types of lame and no swag i sat back in my kevin hart voice like noooooo, i refused to believe it. But theres just no defending this, in fact what the fuck was you thinking? Like really…what was the motive? You was part of last real years of hiphop and you do this shit? You tryin to perform infront of junior high students for health awareness week b? Nigga they aint got time for that.




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