No..Everyday is NOT Upper Body Day


Working out….Your doing it wrong doggy.

Cut it out… You look foolish, some wind blow on you its a wrap, Ole dreidel built muthafucka. You lookin like you been in a wheelchair all your life. Why every time you walk you look like you struggling through a mini earthquake? Nigga gon trip up and look at the ground like it popped up outta nowhere. Naaaa son, You just got legs of Polio patient.

Now im no personal trainer of any kind, Hell half the time im in the gym flexing by the mirror in my G-unit tank top, taking pictures for localhookupz. But im all for promoting healthy living, eating green leafy vegetables,taking vitamins and excessively shaking heads with the president.(What? Doesnt that burn like 100 calories?)
The fact that you work out, I applaud you. But as with your porn selection, there needs to be BALANCE!

You got 7 damn days in a week and you mean to tell me ALL DEM MUTHAFUCKAS GOTTA BE DEDICATED TO UPPER BODY? You fragile leg sumamabitch, one scoop slam and your done. Than yall work around with the Mysonne synthex arms with a girl who is too afraid to joke on you due to the rollercoaster of emotions you go through in a day. Yall just not functioning right as a unit. Upper body on hulk with the legs of a gay Alvin Ailey dancer. How you gotta bisexual body!?

Than got the nerve to update your status talkin some, workout flow! Gettin this money!

Neeegrooo please….you must be talkin Monopoly, Cuz you outchere frauding. Gon get a grown man workout in!


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