So..You really bout to give me a couple pennies in a red envelope tho?


First off let me say HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEARS TO ALL, Its the year of the Snake. Go out and support local Chinese Businesses, Go grab dem horse weaves, get some Chicken and Broccolli, buy some clothes that will disenegrate after its first wash. Embrace the culture! But can I reflect for a minute?

Well if your like me you grew up in a shitty public school system that passed you if you came to class 55% percent of the time resulting in a bunch of illiterate minorities who pronounce words such as  liked and looked, “like-ed” and ” Looked-ed”. To offset such carelessness for the english language our beloved educational system has us embrace different cultures holidays and celebrations. One that sticks out the most(Besides that crappy ass take your shoes off and leave em in the hallway day) is Chinese New Year and I just cant shake the feeling im being shafted.


Naaaa son

Something aint right, I cant get jiggy with this shit. Allll the money I give yall and all I get in return is a pebble for my troubles? Ha ha…jokes on me…NOW WHERES THE REAL MONEY!?…word?

So while I would leave my school, which was located conveniently in Chinatown, walkin with the “I eat ass face” I’ve always wondered why all the Chinese Kids were sooo happy? Surely they got the same dirty pennies i got right?…


Them muthafuckas rolling in dough, jackson Hewitt diddy boppin, getting like 100 envelopes, coppin cars and setting up unsafe bus companies with their bread! Wheres the equality bruh bruh? Atleast allow me to cop a hot dog bun.


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