Lupe Dreads aint Loopy PT.2 (With special guest LL Cool J and Frank Ocean)


Ok…whats really wrong with this guy?

So im home chillin enjoying my sunday night.

You know… coolin out, getting ready to watch my boy Nas catch another Grammys L this year on my 19 inch xenith flat screen. Checking who out on the red carpet doing their thug thizzle, shining and profiling word to Clyde Frazier.


Mr.Anti-everything, Lupe “Cool Runnings” Fiasco decided to show his debbie downer ass up on the red carpet wearing some shit one of the 3 wise men wore to meet baby jesus.



This nigga came thru looking like a Mortal Kombat character. This nigga walked from the Motel 6 (Cuz Lupe dont do 5 star establishments) straight to the Red Carpet but they didnt allow him inside due to a no bare foot policy. Lupes on drugs.

LL Cool J agreed to host this years Grammy Awards under one condition. He was to be allowed stage time to perform some shitty music. Surprisingly, CBS obliged and gave him the last performance slot (note I didnt say Grand Closer). I say last performance slot because he didnt do ANYTHING that would constitue him getting any props, nor was this anything other than an open mic performance.

You ever see that one guy at the club just irking the shit out the DJ allll night to play his crappy soundcloud freestyle over an industry beat? Until finally the DJ agrees to play it…..while the club lights are on and Security is telling everybody the night is over and to please exit. You hear that faint scent of shitty music but your so preoccupied with finding that girl you danced with for 5 songs striaght that you give no fucks? Yeaaa well that was LL last night( hell, he had to introduce himself. How sad did that look?)

He was all happy bouncing around the stage with “New school will never care about you” Chuck D. CBS violated the performance so much they even played credits and advertisements during the set lol.

If this muthafucka dont retire that f-a-b-o-l-o-u-s throwback jersey era headband Smh. This nigga Frank Ocean looking like he got caught up playin ball at the YMCA and forgot he had a performance. Then got the nerve to make every straight dude feel mad uncomfortable, making a smooth ass track you can bump your head to, Then you realize JUS WHAT THE HELL HE WAS TALKIN BOUT!

I dont appreciate that fam.


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