Bruh.. social media f*kin up my clothing swag forreal


Real nigga shit bruh….
I cant go out nowadays without being all paranoid about having some new shit on to uphold my ever so present online celebrity Ive maintained since sconex, localhookupz and Migente (Had to front like i was Dominican tho jajaja) .

Lord knows i wanna rock my fly ass route 66 shirt but i already have it time stamped on facebook two years ago getting shit faced, in a janky houseparty which wasnt worthy of my shirt or my presence.


Im sayin tho..I dead gotta run into marshalls last minute for a U.S.P.A 2 men, 1 horse brokeback mountain polo jus so i can attend this weak ass event with some new shit on to match dresscode? Mannn the game is gettin hard on my pockets forreal.

See….im a young thug nigga, never really cared much for the latest and greatest shit out and what styles are coinciding with the seasons so when i get invited out to spots I would jus rotate a combination of 3 sneakers and a couple of shirts and get by in new crowds and no worries.


Once they introduced cameras to phones its been a struggle. Now i gotta wake up to the realization that im really NOT the swaggiest nigga in the world and my pictures are becoming redundant as fuck. You start having psychological break downs about what other facebook profiles are saying about you to their friends like:

“Gawd, he STAY with a white T-shirt on everywhere”
“How many times he gon wear those pants?”
“You outchea with a gas station fitted hat?”
“Didn’t he wear that same outfit last week?”
“I bet he sweats a lot”

So now i gotta reneg on invites due to whats in my closet?(ok, it’s actually a chair in the corner of my room but thats beside the point) Nigga gotta go out in stealth to assure my lack of clothes will go unnoticed. Untagging photos like a mufucka.

Sure, you’re saying “Hey simple solution, buy more clothes”
My response to that “Hey simple solution, SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

Hell, half ya muthafuckas getting fresh while spending EBT like its going outta style. Got your lil brother bed sheets as window curtains while you rocking the newest Jays.
Fuck alllat, Niggas got bills B( …and a slight coke addiction)


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