Are you a black girl?…well im sure you have an iron burn scar


Am i lying?

Naaaa i aint lyin….

You know damn well comin up in the game as a young iron slanga you caught a couple licks cuz your favorite 504 boys song came on and you jus had to twerk sum in the mirror, forgotting that your actual ironboard was the couch with a sheet over it.
Wobble wobble wobble SIZZZZZZZZZZZZLE!

Now see, Iron burn girl is similiar to hoodrat belt girl because for the most part you were probably doing some hoodrat shit in the first place that caused the burn. Both endured the same hardships of life, lived in not so desirable places, and rocked paco jeans with them GAWD AWFUL L.E.D word display belts. But where Iron burn girl differs from hoodrat belt girl is that she more than likely went to church( Which increased chances of getting burned 65%) and SHE HAD A DESIRE TO ACHIEVE AND NOT FALL VICTIM TO THE CYCLE!
Plus we all know hoodrats dont iron clothes.

She learned a valuble life lesson when that burn occured (besides the benefits of cocoa butter) and it helped her to face adversity as every time she looked at the burn she realized just how far she had come and how far she was heading. No longer was she an ashy ring around the mouth yout, but now a women wit purpose (Yes, a nursing assistant).

These burns were a right of passage, a signature if you will, that you cared about how the world percieved you. You actually gave some fuck. For that i salute yall, embrace yall burn marks no matter how big or small!


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