J.R ……bruh





Point that nigga THE FUCK OUT…RIGHT NOW.

Bruh I can honestly say theres an NBA player worst then Kobe bean head Bryant at rappin and that there is New York Knicks guard J.R ‘I can pass but rather shoot this fadeway three with defenders draped over me’ Smith.


Id rather listen to Tony Parker with his myplayer backwards baseball hat rap a whole album in french than listen to this…A WHOLE FUCKIN ALBUM!

Its bad enough you look like Bruh-man from the fifth flo, You then got the nerve to rap like how u ball, sporadic as fuck. I cant tell if you trying to rap, sing, do spoken word or just doing all 3 at the same damn time. Then u wanna do it all in a whiney ass voice, like you was using the T-pain iphone app to record ya vocals. You striaght gregory hines-in on the track bruh and i dont appreciate it

TURN THAT UP!- Said nobody

Me saying this is horrible doesnt do it enough justice. Homie…how you let Tahiry make a better song than you? And we all know outside of looking good, her talent is non-existant. You outchea making halal cart music.

This pretty much confirms that your a base head, ole slow speech pattern ass. How u made time to diss former head coach in Denver, George karl? After all that man been thru, you gon get ya taylor swift on and mention him in that wack ass song?

If only the time you spent emphasizing on the word practiceeeeeeee, was spent on improving your musical ability you could of MAYBE made a DECENT record.

Im tired of ya ball players disrespecting the rap game like this. I get it ..i get it..Rappers wanna be athletes and athletes wanna be yadda yadda yadda.. but ya niggas MUST KNOW that just cuz your a walking triple double on the court doesnt means it will translate to the mic.



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