Dykes dont dap well


Word tho…

Why when they see a physically imposing thug ass nigga such as myself, they feel the need to rep their imaginary Y chromosomes?

And you always know some over-compensating is about to occur as soon as she walks up to you with that  “thug nigga” bebop and pants hangin off their ass (tho i dont know if theres anything really wrong with the latter..i mean hey, i still have a penis)

You go to say waddup, maybe even a head nod (cuz you cant trust niggas hands these days) and she greet you like she slangin wood and takin no names. I mean no disrespect, but y u no jus be regular?

Why u gotta dap me up all Marlon Wayans-ing a brother and shit?

Those past curfew, drunk off 4loko and blast colt 45’s, tryin to sneak back into your group home handshakes is not whats poppin in these streets cousin,Its not appreciated.


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