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Your Password Must Contain the Following…

Bruh.. I Just want to create an account wit no hassle
it seems wit Michelle Obama & Joe Bidden bein victims of a string of recent high-profile personal security breaches online wit their personally records bein displayed to the public (shit niggas couldn’t find some ms.Obama nudes tho, they aint’t shit) & shit the internet. but that is besides the point, I jus felt this was a good lead up to what must be surfaced & stopped!
So let me feel ya in wit how one of my nights home usually go bout smh. So Im on my laptop, doin my own thing, MINDIN MY OWN BUSINESS, exploring sites, enjoyin my 100 hours of free AOL 4.0 wit no disturbance. I come across this new porn website that happens to arouse my interest, after numerous half hours search “ebony doggstyle” “404 girls” “jerkerz world” anything that looks like it was recorded on a boost mobile i830 etc etc (take notes if the HD Brazzer or AssParade searches just aint doin it for ya). I come to a conclusion ‘I jus might be a regular, let me go & create an account’.
So i proceed to click the “Sign Up” button, of course I’m hittin these niggas wit the fake names & usernames like SteveShims or sumn, you kno.. short & simple cause a nigga got shit to view, now this is wen we come to “create a password” smh i felt my choice was quite suitable but im hit wit the RED highlight like Your Password Must Contain the Following…
my nigga..
word to.. i read that shit say:
1. A capital letter.
2. A number.
3. One of the following symbols: !@#$%^*()<>?&.
4. Your favorite fruit.
5. a 300 word essay on your opinion of why you think tomatoes are fruit
6. a haiku
7. your favorite stephen King book
8. Your favorite bag of UTZ chips.
9. a lowercase letter

i was highly upset, at this point im like damn, do these muthafuckas even want me to create an account, shit. i couldnt grasp the idea on why woud they do such an horrific thing smh.

shit at this point my nigga I had nooo love for Skin Diamond, Tyra Banxxx & various other project wenches, who scorned boyfriends toss their homemade amuatur shit on these site. They done forced me to click through all 30 second premium flicks, a nigga had to make sure the 30 secs weren’t completely up & start it right from the top. smh the struggle.