Sooo.. I can grab your @$$ in the club but I cant in the street?


Soo…let me get this straight, said female is in the club poppin that monkey to lil mouse while im behind her doing the money dance. Jus got paid my weekly stipend of 120 dollas, so im bawse mood for the night, drinks are 3 dollars so im feeling pretty baller like, buying folks drinks, seen Allen Iverson in the cut gaming some chicks:
AI: so I looked at the nigga like Practice!? Cuz u know Homie dont play that!

With his durag on tilt, pockets empty, slide him a michelob light( the drink of the peasants) and as im feeling myself, I slap chick on the ass.(Was prepared to blame it on the molly)

Heyyyyyy she still grinding on the beef!!?
Slaps again….
And again……
And again…


Next day, I see the same chick on the street. Woke up with a fuck-nigga stuy on my eye and about 30 dollars lighter, so swag was on timid but she recognized a young thug. We were choppin it up about last night and I was tellin her how I was having the time of my life and we should link up again and as I said my goodbyes, i palmed her ass like the thirst nigga I am and proceeded to get violated:

Chick: aye nigga fuck is yo prolem cuh 
(Heres where I forget to mention she is from compton)
Me: na I thought..
C: You thought wrong patna, I dont get down like that! You must got me fucked up with these other bitches, you treat me like lady! You dont know me like that!


So I coulda damn near finger loved u in the club but in the street we gon act hollier than thou!!?

Gimme the damn logic in that ladies?

Im jus as respectful as Kirk ‘porn addict’ Franklin but if u giving a brotha the leeway im alllll in like poker. How you gon be a freak in the club but not in the street!?
Be all the way authentic, dont try to paint ME as a creep when im jus goin off what you gave me?

Soo whats the difference between the random nigga grabbing you up in a club and that same nigga trying it outside? Why could he get arrested in one situation but dapped up in the next?

The music? Club environment? Ohh my bad you gon jamie foxx it and blame it on the henny huh?


Lets be consistent booboo..


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