Lil Romeo, bruh…You didnt go to USC to do commercials for ICDC college


How u out chea gettin your Everest-man on?
Dun, jus a few years ago you was hoopin with Demar Derozen and your pops is MASTER FUCKIN P!!
Percy ‘Make em say uhhhhhh’ Miller bruh..

This is worst then tryin to undercut Mitchell&Ness with P.Miller throwbacks you never seen anybody wear in real life. Nigga if you gave me a P.Miller throwback jersey back when Fabolous was king Mitchell&Ness in every video and lil moe was semi attractive, we woulda been fighting cuz im taking that as disrespect.

Son, id rather cop a 30 dollar Michelle&Ness throwback jersey from broadway with a created player from a time I couldnt varify the who’s who of the sports world before I wore a free P.Miller throwback, it’s THAT REAL.

You was better off just tryin to get the New no limit off the ground.


You cant possibly be hurting for money. I know Silk the shocker was allowed to fuck up every chance he got on classic records with his never on beat ass and C-murder court fees but last I heard Pops is bout to have his own TV Station, so whats the dealio?

You know you lamed out cuz they got u lookin all stiff and uncomfortable like when Wayne Brady takes his headshots and HE JUST KNOWS niggas is about to cut ass on his line up. Listening to the white man telling you to coon it up by performing for non-existant crowd is jus salt over the self ether.( sort of like your rap career)

I mean you doing all this for the Maury( or “Murry” as the disenfranchised mufuckas like to pronounce it) and Jerry Springer circuit of viewers. You tryin to get niggas like me who are already down on their luck with no goals and aspirations to pay attention to some damn Internet college?
I done already disregarded the Everest and Devry commercials and they got semi-campuses( By campus, I mean basement of a project building with faulty AC)

Nigga im tryin to figure out if Rahlo the babyfather of Shay Shay’s 2 year old. I aint got no time to be hearing you chant “ICDC COLLEGE!” While I’m rollin up this skunk weed.


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