Mavis Beacon. Making computer class suck since the 90’s


I can almost hear the collective sigh of groans as you rehash on repressed memories of getting your day ruined by having to spend 45 minutes (which to us kids at the time felt like an eternity. Subsequently feeling the same as we’re waiting to clock out that dreaded 9-5) of what should of been “free time” playing ( I use that term loosely) educational typing games.


Now, these games were SHITTTTTTTTTY BRUH!

You had to be some kinda smuck to appreciate what the games where intended to do for you and quite frankly I didnt go the best school so I was well versed on there being nipples SOMEWHERE on this fucking computer and it was sickening I couldnt find it.

Hey kids, we know you just looooove racing games Right!? Well what we did was for you able to accelerate your car and win you must correctly spell all the words on the screen in a short amount of time!! Oh and theres no steering. Isn’t Learning fuuuuun!??


Bruh..Sega and Nintendo was crushing the buildings at the time, im sonic-ing it up fucking up dr.robotnik with bitch ass tails trying to keep up with a nigga and you think this typing shit bout to entertain me!!!?

You couldn’t get me to follow along and play the games correctly. Oh great, for every word spelled correct I can become great at bagging groceries? Naaaa, I much rather fuck shit up and drop it on floor! ( Even then I knew I was too much of a real nigga for the fuck shit)

Im saying bruh.. computers where in its infant stage, we knew something was great about it but the bullshit school censors ruined that aura. You couldnt jus let a nigga rock out in some minesweeper?


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