Is it still acceptable to have a song as my ringtone?


Im getting old bruh…And with age comes life-altering decisions.

So along with finally paying for sex, I’ve been contemplating these past couple of days, if it were time I say goodbye to my musical ringtones.

Im a grown ass man and getting arkwardly stared at when im in close proximity to white folk and “DAMN I LUH DEM STRIPPAS!” blast loud out my speaker is not whoa…

When my first instinct became to arkwardly let the song play till it hits voicemail while looking around as if its not my phone (nevermind that the song is radiating from my hip), I knew changes needed to be made…

No longer are we in the generation of boost mobile bleep phones with the absurdly loud ringtones that you recorded off the radio inbetween funk flex bringing the song back 15 fuckin times!
(Nothing would get me more vexed then trying to capture a song with bombs going off and flex breathing all hard on the mic smh)

When you got the right air/fuel mixture of the song and slight background noise( mama didnt interrupt you this time), Ya ass hit that stop button and couldnt wait to hit up class blasting your shit!( ..or subway station)

But today…I’d be feeling like a fuck nigga if I continued that behavior. Im trying to better my living situation dunny. Move on up in the world, George Jeff strut on these hoes na mean!?
These ringtones holding a brother back, Spending hours deciding the right song for my friends (Who rarely call me). Thinking about past events and why this song would fit em and boy! Will they get a kick out of the song i choose for them!…..

So I’ve been there, done that…

and I think I’ve come to the decision to jus let my phone stay on vibrate.


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