Top Pop Sodas? Naaaa B…..


Ha..shit taste like instant kidney stones.
Nothing says project housing and fly traps with a faint smell of backed up incinerators, more than Top Pop sodas.

Bruh.. they’re the Hawaiian Punch of the soda world.

Dont you get so disappointed when you be at ya nigga crib after ya done smoked a woolie blunt and you ask for something to drink cuz that cotton mouth giving you that white around yooo lip and he be like yea i got juice in the fridge!
You get up hype (just knowing at the very least its gon be some minute maid) only to see that bum ass jug of red shit? You pour it in your cup all disgruntled, tasting like water and food coloring. Then you gotta think how long ago you brushed your teeth cuz if it been past 4 hours that shit bout to stain your mouth all the way up!
(BTW why do broke niggas make it seem like minute maid juice is exclusive to in-house residents only? They will make up any excuse in the world not to give you a cup of that shit:
“Na im sayin, thats wifey drink na mean so i cant even share that, she be getting tight when its all drunk up”
Like that shit aint 2 for 5 dollars smh.)

Yo Top Pop and hoodrat belts go hand and hand forreal tho. Think im lying? Look at the knuckles of somebody holding a top pop. I guaranDAYUMtee theres some warrior wounds from getting burned by an iron and fighting homelessness.

Dun..if you gon rock out with a poverty soda ATLEAST let it be a Tropical Fantasy!

They appreciate you as a consumer. Knowing you only paid 50cent (And got mad when they raised it up a quarter), they sell you hope of a life of palm trees and great weather as you stare out ya child protected windows. Giving you something to strive for! (While also hoping that sperm count decrease is just myth).

While Top Pop aint thinking bout you niggas B.
Look at the damn bottle tho, bland as fuck. They know niggas that drink that shit aint got no goals.

As soon as you open the bottle, it goes flat! You gotta drink it fast as fuck like Roy Hibbert wit a gatorade after losing a game 7.

And smh at niggas thinkin its a suitable chaser for ya liqour..
Fuck i look like being cool wit mixing my bottle of svedka wit off brand cola? Keep that shit wit the Georgi and Captain Morgans retarted cousin Admiral Nelson.

Theres a reason racks of top pop can be found at your local corner bodega next to the du rags, and old box of bananas.

Respect ya palates bruh…


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