Somebody needs to tell Amanda Bynes, Harlem Hospital giving Beds out!


In the latest installment of Amandas Bynes wacky world of fun, she was caught setting fire to a neighbors driveway for no apparent reason and has been thrown into rehab center.
In Desperate need of an intervention her family contacted the very best in the business at dealing with such cases, breaking down the flaws they’ve possessed, in hopes of building back up a stronger, more productive member of society..

Dr. Loaded Lux


Tho this meeting has been kept under wraps , due to the highly publicised nature of the case, here at Shaqface we’ve obtained the transcripts between the two and I must say, in True Lux fashion, he Gave Amanda Bynes THAT WORK!

Loaded Lux: Beloved Amanda…im here today to get you through troubling times. A life in lime has resulted in a life of crime..
Babygirl, you see that casket out? Thats gon be ya casting couch, that will cast the amount of life spent on this here Earth.. if you dont see whats all the laughter about.

YOU WAS ON NICK! now u smoking on reggie?…Ayo let me holla at Nick and see if he can write you a severance

Cuz you gon need it, especially for my payment, or the pavement is what you lay in. Since your actions show ya parents never gave you a grounding.

Ohh im non violent…..

What the fuck wrong with you?, you got white skin, white priviledge. Heard you aint got no shower curtains…. You mean to tell me ya ass willingly stepped out to a slope thats soo slippery!?? Got to be kidding me, look at the large picture, YOUR PUSSY AINT GOLDEN, IT’S JUST ANOTHER LOST KITTEN!!

So im here for the lost..prevention, to exhaust this engine, brought by lies and false intentions..they gassed you…YOUR PUSSY AINT GOLDEN, IT’S JUST ANOTHER LOST..KITTEN!

As a youngin you’ve been a provider, along the way you lost sight of the prize, Must of never had a real pops in ya life if you was gon let DRAKE slide inside..
And he shakey hand dismissed you, never even gave u back a tweet, you was lookin worse than Murda Mook smoking a bogie from a crack feins feet!


But Im Just showing you the LARGE PICTURE

You need to stand up tall, take some calcium pills. Replace friends with meals, or you’ll be as close to the graveyard barely alive… Jae Millz


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