To be a good barber, you gotta be alil gay?


Im sayin tho atleeeeast 5%..

Your occupation is to make niggas look good for a living…
You’re clientel is built off the recognition of your taper fades dun.
U gotta make niggas pretty mufuckas or they not coming back and your career as a barber will be spent in the front of the store looking out the window disgruntled as fuck,tryin to catch one times (First time you cut their hair, will be the last time!)
So you really gotta give a muthaFUCK about what you’re doing.

Now see, I couldnt be a barber cuz a hating ass nigga like myself would be zeekin niggas left and right! Giving niggas the straight “Damn now i gotta wear a hat or explain this to everybody” edge up. Just straight mediocrity across the board and plus we all know the hoes love the fresh line up. I love hoes, so I zeek you = mo hoes fo me!


Ima Genius wit the mathematics bruh.

And ive weighed the negative side….

and decided I can potentially take a punch or two to the face for my endeavers.

But also after 5pm im not tryna be around niggas no more so id be dippen out early. NA you cant reserve a time, NO i wont let you skip the line and if you pop in and say you coming back ..welll u just gon comeback and wait like the rest.

Basically my real nigga meter wont allow me to be a barber (It also wont allow me to wife a single mother and stay around for my newborns).

But why?
Ever thought to ask your barber…. Aye,why the fuck is you a barber?
Bet you gon hear some shit u really didnt need to be hearing…


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