Shaqfacing the Industry: M@RV3LOU$


This young wild nigga has been making quite a bit of fuss in the New York Area’s underground scene, performing alongside such prominent City acts as Vinny Cha$e and Smoke Dza. With recent shows in Washington,DC and famed NYC’s Webster Hall, the LoudGang Capo came thru to chop it up about being real in today’s game, having no filter on anything or any one, his team and even speaks on a fellow Brooklyn rapper!
With BK on his back, take a look into how he survives in a city where the skinny niggas die!


Its 20 13, Obama got re-elected, Miley Cyrus is somewhere twerking,Yet u still wanted to become a rapper, why?

I’m just nice hahaha, just kidding, but yea I’m just serious bout this shit.

S: No doubt,no doubt. I feel today alot of rappers DON’T take this game serious. Not ready to step outside the comfort of their computer and get in them trenches.Don’t really know what it is to be a New York artist. So how serious are you about this rap game b? You really want this shit? Why u aint become a poet or some shit?

M: I’m serious enough to Suge knight a blogger or an A&R lol. But real seriously, I wanted this shit as a kid and I ain’t wit that poetry shit b lol.

S: Iigh, I feel you cuh. Aint tryin to get vanilla iced out here haha. So I see you been making a bit of noise in these streets, doing these shows, dropping numerous tapes and got niggas screaming LoudGang. What is that? and should I fear these niggas? Cuz Brooklyn niggas will rob for loosie money..

M: LoudGang is comprised of a few real niggas workin to get shit done and gettin high all the way there. And for dickhead niggas, YES mufuckas should be scared. Some might get dropped on there head real soon haha.

S: There seems to be a real authenticity to ya music, with persona of a nigga who really jus dont give a fuck. East New York to be exact right?.. Da fuck is wrong wit yall niggas out there fam? I smell weed and gun smoke all throughout ya music. Is it something that is consciously done or is that just the brooklyn way?

M: I mean.. Its just lifestyle music my nigga. Niggas in my hood are really gettin shot. Niggas in my hood really trap, so it’s just natural.

S: On social media your pretty known for your rants about the industry, the music and even will call out a few rappers if need be. Do you think that constant in ya face bravado could cause some people to become a bit nervous to deal with you or reluctant to invest? It seems the game ain’t too fair to an artist who really…well..just doesnt give a fuck haha.

M: I mean personally I’m just not for having my time wasted. I’ve also realized I have to tone it down but alot of rants were due to shade business and minor rap shit. As far as investors, we’re pretty self-sufficient and connected.

S: No doubt, well lets get to the music. The mixtape your about to release, All Praise is Due. That’s a real suggestive title fam haha, but it follows your real bold tradition. Tell me about the tape and the reasoning behind the title.

M: Well really it’s a big subliminal, artist wise and trend setting wise. I did alot of things I never got credit for, but instead of rant I channeled it into the message. All Praise is Due is another way of saying pay homage when it’s due to a nigga thats BEEN doing this.

S: So for the record, Kirk Franklin aint droppin a holy 16 on ya tape? Haha.

M: Nah bruh but funny shit is I have a Kirk Franklin promo meme I ain’t drop yet haha.


S: I bet. You’ve been killing the meme game as of recently, striaght hilarity. Also, I peeped you’re a beat maker as well. You dropped two dope instrumental tapes to kind of remind the public that you aren’t one dimensional but actually a multifaceted artist. What side of the coin you enjoy more?

M: Personally, both. Back in the day we used to rhyme on industry instrumentals. Then I said fuck that! Im going to make my own shit and started rappin on those.

S: So you got tired of industry beats and just decided to jump into the beat making game huh? It was that simple? Dont have these cats fooled out here bruh.

M: I mean I’ve been at it since 11-12 years old. So I’ve been doin it for quite some time. Im not like these couple months watching YouTube ass niggas.


S: Word. You out here moving fam. It’s like theres not a spot u HAVEN’T performed in. I swear you would perform in a project living room of a diabetic grandmom’s and her grown ass kids if need be. Tell me about these shows you been killing fam? It seems once that “Choppin Loud” goes thru the speaker, all hell breaks loose. You can really see in the energy, you love what you do.

M: Yea bro, I’ve been blessed to do all types of spots and show people what that Loud is bout. Shouts to the real niggas out there that booked me and the people that came out and supported. Overall I just bring them bars and raw energy…or atleast try to. I’m high at times hahaha.

S: You def give the crowd that real hiphop shit. You mentioned being high. Do you feel artist today use smoking weed as a cover for the uncreativity in their music? The overall exploitation seems a bit cartoonish at times.

M: I feel like using being under the influence as an excuse for some wack shit is unacceptable. Simply sober up and make that shit heat. Me personally, I get blasted when I records but I’m use to it.

S: Word,word. So yo…. this next question is near and dear to my heart. For years I’ve been searching for a clear answer as to why and I feel you can help me figure this shit out.

What the fuck is up wit Papoose b? Like.. that was my nigga my nigga my nigga. How did he fall off so bad and is he currently walking round Nostrand Ave in a leather fitted?

M: Sonnnnnnn I dont even know how to answer that. Honestly, I know he dropped an album this year. That’s about it. He had it during the Smack DVD era tho.


Iight,One more question, Dont front. Jay or Nas?

M: Nas lyrically but jay overall. Bars, business, Brooklyn Nets, haha all that shit!

S: Thats real, I can respect that. Anything else left to tell the people?

M: #AllPraiseIsDue in August, New single and Visuals set to drop called “Ain’t Kno”. Money Green Preme “For The Love”, Content Carter “Content Carter Ep” and Kay Anthony “June 5th”. All coming soon and be on the look out for the joint #LoudGang project as well.
And shouts to the Shaqface blog for interviewing real niggas.

S: Salute.

Intrested in more M@RV3LOUS? check him out at:
Twitter @LoudDeJesus


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