5 Things I Hate About Your Local Pot Head

Ok Ok Ok ja boy Trapavelli is back once again & about to drop the puriest of all knowledge  list about 10 things i can’t stand about ya tree blowers, weed tokers, ganja smokin imbeciles smh.

1. Non-functional Pot Heads: The pot heads who can not make no types of moves with out smoking every 15 minutes. I really don’t get it, i swear they could have pussy, money & for the sake of argument MORE PUSSY lined up for them probably like 3 blocks away with the promise of more weed the next day, but nooo you sleeze balls gotta blow it down right at that moment. ya truly are some new type of niggas.

2. Pride In Smoking Weed Pot Heads: You ever heard someone say “Now everybody smoke!” or call someone a poser for smoking? Yo ya scumbags really take pride in smokin weed. I truly don’t understand it, I truly don’t. These the type of people who’ll wanna see their own mans in the hands cause he for whatever reason feels his mans lying about smoking some exotic strain that he “Could have only smoked” cause he so true  bout this pot smoking life.

3. New Pot Heads: Ok now before ya think i’ contradicting myself with number 2, no i’m not. i really don’t care if you just started smoking 3 seconds ago, hey you smoke you smoke more praise to you, but don’t jump on any social networks  loose ya ga damn mind with like 26 uploads of you smokin  blowing smoking, like ok i get you smoke, you geeked up, you geesed, you are very excited about your life at this point you finally got acquainted with Mary Jane & you think you love that hoe. these are usualy teenage females who are usually tryna impress a nigga or a 30+ year old nigga going through a midlife crisis.

4. Leeching Broads: This is so self explanatory. you probably could catch yourself & friends lightening up a doobie, minding ya own business, doin ya own things at a party. Then all of a sudden a lil tenderonie comes by  makes up what is the most made up convo hopin it leads to the spliff just to get a hit.

5. Corny Pot Heads: This is about 94% of ya. 94% of ya with ya ridiculous antics son, especially when ya turn into conspiracy theorist, actin like ya found the answer to life’s most valuable questions. Frolicking home knowin damn well you aint got no ends for any munchies. Gettin tossed out ya mans spot cause you only had 3 to put in, hopin ya moms aint eat the last pack of shrimp oodles of noodles.
No nigga! I dont wanna watch the latest Battle rap.
Naw im not bout to participate in a Vine Video.
And No I dont have lives to spare in Candy Crush!

Welp thats all folks I hope ya read these things & come to ya senses and see all the wrong in ya ways & get ya life in order. Til next time world you heard it rom yours truly Trapavelli aka MJ of the Trap aka Trapezoid .


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