Shaqfacing the Industry: And-Y


The man behind the lens of some of the hottest up and coming artist in New York City gives an 100% funky, up close and personal look into the life of an “Nihilistic Existentialist”. If you’re already like huh? Then this might be one of the most intresting people you’ve read about in a while.
Oh yea,he raps too..and is pretty f*#cking dope!

Shaqface: Wassup fam, first off how should I address you? Director? Artist? Gatekeeper to whats hot in the street? What?

And-Y: Artist works but if I had to be technical; A rapping, acting,directing existentialist.

S: The fuck is an existentialist? Sound like some freak shit B.

A: Well it could be interpreted that way; Its just a philosophical standpoint pretty much derived from Nietzsche. I can talk about that all day tho haha. Even more technically, im a “Nihilistic Existentialist” but yea.. haha.

S: ….You got it bruh, You got it.

So I met you as a director, so lets begin there.
You’ve made some of the hottest videos I’ve seen in the past couple of years for New Yorks most Up and coming artist such as Knocka, Rich-P and a host of others. Explain what got you into the directorial position and your mindset to differentiate yourself from the rest of the newcomers.

A: To start from the absolute beginning, I’ve been walking around with a camcorder since I was 16. In highschool I’d record parties and edit that footage on windows movie maker; So I’ve been editing a long time. Transitions and all that stuff came once I moved to a little hd kodak flip cam and imovie. I eventually got a t2i and final cut but now working with a 5d.
As far as music videos, I’ve been rapping since I was 12.
I went to Junior High School 104 with Julian aka “Rich P” and would make wack music videos. Rich was way more on the rapping grind than me but we always stayed friends. so I just shot his videos and we built something together.


S: Thats wassup and with your help Rich is one of the hottest dudes moving right now. So im sure as his profile grows, the second question must be “who does his videos?”. So how do you choose the next artist or song to shoot a video for? Does the music really matter as long as the money is there or does it have to be a record you fuck with?

A: Business wise, I’ll shoot anything time willing. Anything to get me out the hood; Im broke relatively. My one rule pertaining to business tho, is to never EVER under any circumstance charge a friend if we came up together. Thats off the strength but otherwise all my business is word of mouth. Im not on craigslist looking for jobs; I just get emails and book monthly. Once in a very blue moon do I actually enjoy the artist’s music that im working with.

S: Thats real bruh. So explain alil bit where you come from.

A: Im from New York City, born and raised in east harlem. First I lived on 115th and lenox with my grandma, then came to 115th and 1st when i was 7. Im 24 now. Ethnically im Puerto Rican, whatever that means.

S: Harlem has always had an abundance of talent.

So Blue-L.. I see it before every video. Is that your company or group?

A: Thats my company for anything business related and another name people call me. As of right now Blue-L is music videos but soon will venture into snapbacks, crewnecks,tanks and other stuff.
Im also afiliated with 3 groups, LTMG, ASMG and Wild Dogz. LTMG (LifeTime Music Group) is with Rich-P, Flo Montana and Pretti Nitti, as a rapper and director. The same as well with ASMG (Acrylic Style Music Group), my first musical clique back in highschool.  “The Wild Dogz” are my brothers that I do all my devious shit with.
LTMG is really where I get my grind from. I suffer badly from anxiety and im a huge introvert but what keeps me working is Rich and guys like Knuckles.
Rich keeps going relentlessly so I have to match him and knuckles is in a better place in life than me so its inspiring. ASMG helps big time with beats, features and blogging.”The Wild Dogz” is who I do all my ignorant shit with like running trains on bitches, gangbangs, bar fights and parties.


S: Word slide some of the merch to ya boy na mean. Im a large in fine fabrics but if its that sun wear quality, night gown length shit, im a small.

  So lets transition from behind the scenes director to infront of the camera as the artist. You have your debut mixtape out right now Y.U.P (Young.Urban.Pyscopath). You got some real solid music on there fam, The Realist featuring knocka (Known most notably for his hit Million dollar baby featuring Nicki Minaj and Max B) is one of my favorite on the tape.
I swear Knocka the only harlem dude I know who can’t help but sound like an ashy knuckle brooklyn nigga with the raps; Pure raw. I was surprised, You actually had something to say unlike alot of other artist.


A: Thanks man; This has literally been a 6 or 7 year project for me. People have constantly asked when I was gonna release it and I couldn’t do so until I felt absolutely perfect with it. I only write 100% FACTUAL lyrics; This might be the only mixtape/album ever all time where a rapper has not one lie on the entire tape. The Realist with me and knocka is also one of my favorites. While shooting his video, I showed him a freestyle I did to luchini and he liked it. He offered that if I wanted a feature, to let him know.
I had the track done with my verse and needed someone else who had something to say life wise so I sent him that and the rest is history. I had to actually live Life in order to write those lyrics. If nothing else, im promoting this mixtape as the most honest collection of rap music you’ll ever hear in life. Every single lyric happened and I can recall every moment and cite whom or what im talking about.

S: I dig that. So im def gon need the story behind the track 40’z and ya boys um… choice of “wardrobe” and face paint. Real dope record but theres some weird shit goin on in that video dun.

A: Aight 40’z, ill start with the video. My boy “The Supreme Juco” is a demon or calls himself one; I dont know, I cant speak on behalf of that thing. But the guy I went to highschool with is a really dope rapper who sometimes dresses as some madea ghost looking thing..I dont know.
40’z is a ode to 40’z beers that me and my crew have been drinking since we were youngins; Shout-out to my homie R.I.P Chris Jusko and my boy Joey. First kids I ever had a 40 with.
As far as the lyrics, I’ll give u some of where they really come from too haha. “The Girls look betta, A nigga so drunk I turn Stella into Ella” is actually a bar nobody will really get unless you know the two girls Stella and Ella. Im also saying Stella the beer turning uglyness into an attractive girl. “Wavy as fuck and im lit like a matchstick, We be getting brains but we never fuck a fat bitch” is about this fat bitch named lashonda who was at a party. “Supreme Juco” was getting dome by her in a room; Me and my boy chris walked in and got some too and bounced!
Otherwise the 40’oz video was half birthday party of mine and half videoshoot. Alot of characters in that video, none of which I asked to be like that. That’s just legitly who they are haha.

S: Well Damn, If that’s not enough to get people to download the tape haha. Where could the readers get it?

A: They can download for FREE on datpiff or Dl and Listen to on MOBILE on soundcloud

S:This has been a great indepth interview; Any last words for the readers?

A: DOWNLOAD the mixtape; Just listen to the lyrics, It’s free. All I want is for people to listen to the lyrics and watch the videos. If I hit the lotto I’ll do all this shit for free!
Check out all my music videos on youtube. I just released “Plan for Me” starring Luii Badass x Janice Danger same day as the tape so def watch that.



S: So I’ve read you were also a very talented drawer and you are…But when I seen this shit dun, I damn near wanted to stop the interview, take a breather, smoke a menthol and question just what fuck and how the fuck…

A: My biggest dream in life above everything is that I hope the music and directing segways into comic books. I’m heavy into comic books and anime; Just art in general. Drawing came first growing up and I still paint; Mostly abstract shit like technical artist Leonardo. Retarded deformed versions of how I see shit, real 3rd grade stuff. But yea, I pretty much suffered from nosebleeds my whole life. One day I let it drip into a Dixie cup and I was looking at a photo of Jesus in my room and just picked up a brush and…


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