Aye Judge Joe Brown, you need me to call you a cab dun?


Hahahahahhaha my nigga Judge Joe brown was caught slippen, gone off that loud pack forreal when cameras rolled on this fool  in California.

Heres a few things I learned bout Pimpin ass Joe Brown:

– He about making ALOT of money.

– He beeen quit that judge shit 20 years ago, what he does now. is entertainment.

– He wish he had a buss it baby as a grand daughter. (For what? Shieet ask dat man)

– His Homies dont be having the hoes he desire.

– LTYJ= Luscious Tender Young Juicy.

– If ya shown up on the show, he prolly thinks you’re a peasant.

– His 50 year old wife is Patty Rican.

Like the two-toned face homie,Charlamagne the God be sayin, We live in the age of transparency bruhs. Them wildin out days and gettin away wit it is oveeeer.

Mannn this nigga was going for the Gusto, Niggas caught him in a random ass staircase prolly tired after shittin and throwin up his guts in a dirty ass bathroom.

Bruh you too damn old and famous not have a proper edge when u hanging out for the night. Whats even more fucked up is Downtown Joe Brown was ALONE.
Friends prolly  left this nigga, knowing the impending worldstar ether that was about to occur and they was tryin to be on the low. But here go drunk ass Joe fuckin shit up for the crew knowing damn well their Wifes frown up when he around.


Joe that type of nigga you need a hall pass to chill wit. Get into a fake argument with yo lady just to get out the house for a “breather” knowing Joe down the block in the Caddy already callin up dem freaks.
…. But i cant lie Joe look like the type of drunk nigga that will cuss you the fuck out in an instance so i prolly woulda left that nigga too. Witcho yo ole belks polo, You know homie gave zero fucks!


Either this nigga was gettin turnt during the day or he was lookin for the club let out cut, but got too drunk in the process.

Now Judge Joe i aint een gon bash you for gettin toe up. Shieet we all get caught slippen wit not so proud moments you wish you could erase but dun….YOU JUDGE JOE NIGGA!

You got the bread bruh, If your wife kicked you out the crib and u was all defiant like fuck it im going to the bar! Atleeeast do it responsibly. Niggas outchere aint got yo best intrest at heart. Shiet a nigga like me would of smoothed robbed you for the iphone and dem Pharmacy shades.

Mike Epps tried to warn us….


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