Shaqfacing the Industry: CP


Moving forward in this installment of Shaqfacing the Industry, We take a trip out to the West Coast to chop it up wit the Homie CP formally known as Chris-P. We dig into his intresting sound, the move from New York to Cali, the scoop on his first tour and more!

Shaqface: Chris-P. Cali-forn-i-a by way of Lower East Side, Manhatten huh?

CP: Its just CP now, lifes easier that way haha, but yeah from the Lowa to Los Angeles.

S: No doubt, no doubt. What was the cause for the move? Was it strictly a career decision?

C: Yeah I mean if you told me I’d move out to the West coast two years ago off of music, I’d probably laugh. I started releasing stuff fall of 2011, then I signed with my management and a label early 2012. They  moved me out to LA and I’ve been here ever since grindin.

S: Thats big bruh! Salute. So who you signed with? And explain how you felt when you got that call to come to Cali. I imagine the first thing you would think about is the women and weed huh? Haha.

C: I signed with ArtClub International and Indie Pop. It’s crazy cause both companies deal with huge artists, it can be intimidating sometimes with the caliber of work thats needed but I can tell you the hard work really pays off in the end.

Before I moved, I thought I was just goin to visit for a week and during that visit they asked me to stay and move from New York and really pursue a career in music. Im not gonna lie as good as it sounds, you think of what your about to leave as well. It was alot but I sacrificed it all and it’s been worth the grind. If i didnt take it I’d be beating myself up years down the line.

After I got the support from my family, the woman, weed and weather thing definitely kicked in. I’d be lying if I told you it isn’t gorgeous.
It feels like a long ass vacation.

S: Haha I bet.

So your sound is quite unique bruh. I can’t quite call you a rapper but im not sure if what you do is labeled as R&B. How would you best describe what it is you actually do?

C: Alternative would probably put me in more of a box if needed but I just love making music, I produce my work, engineer it, write all of it, sing/rap whatever the song calls for. Id rather just do everything myself. I hear its the only way to get things done right. It’s not the easiest thing in the world but its worth it.

S: Well your definitly putting that work in. Funny story, when I mentioned to a friend overseas about your music seemingly to put her on it (and increase my chances on gettin some) she infact told me she already heard some of your music before in the local clubs and had you already in her ipod. it was under the group One Room. I was surprised and needless to say, didn’t get the snack pack but can you tell me a bit about who the group consist of?

C: Thats amazing! When I 1st was putting out music, I was making it all with one of my homies, Samuel. It was pretty much just him and I making music organically which lead to a dope lil buzz. It’s also how I was introduced to the people I’m with now. We still got some heat, I just had to keep grounded and continue to create a lane for myself musically like I originally had planned. Timing is everything and soon enough everything will come into the light.

S: Now your music is very visual yet mysterious. You’ve seem to focus more on the artistic side of things with you rarely shown performing the actual song or even in the video. Is that strategically done to hide your identity? You on ya MF Doom steez?

C: I mean, One Room is pretty mysterious for sure. It kind of just happened that way. On the other hand I do have my solo stuff that shows a bit more of who I am. One of my videos I’m half naked so theres extremes to it. I would always try to take an artistic route visually just cause thats what it is, art. I would love to take credit for my stuff visually one day but for now I have an amazing team of people that work with me on it. One of those people being my manager, Yolande Geralds.

S: Has music always been a part of ya life and goal of yours? Cuz I heard in high school you were quite the jokester and rarely shown any musical output. Were you keeping it hidden?

C: I blame my parents. My family LOVES music, so naturally it’s always been a part of my life. From Marvin Gaye to the Beatles to Hector Lavoe. I just think in high school I was going through culture shock and found a comfort zone making beats. I didn’t start really singing seriously until college and even then it was weird for me. Now I’m comfortable but I’m no where near satisfied. I have a ton of things to really buckle up on but everday I get closer. If you love to do something, its not work

S: I feel you.

So you’re on tour right now, correct? Tell me about that fam! First one?

C: 1st one! I’m on tour right now with the homie Kyle, on the Beautiful Loser Tour. I’m not doing the entire tour but I def got some good dates in. Super stoked to be a part of it. Its a crazy thing because my 1st performance was in Ventura, CA and it was sold out. Not too many people can say their 1st performance was on a sold out show that opened a tour. I’m honored Kyle wanted me to be a part of it and I’m even happier the response was really dope. Now its just a matter of getting used to the turn up and giving it my all.


S: Thats too dope, you bout to get dem groupies dawgggggg! Any tour stories yet? Also, how we lookin as far as the album?

C: Haha it just a great feeling to see and know that people rock out with you. I couldn’t ask for more. Had joints jumpin’ out the bushes after the show on the way to the car haha; That was pretty funny. It was just unexpected but I’m glad they really enjoyed the show.

My EP is called Pieces and its coming out sooner than later. I cant give you an exact date yet but it’s this fall for sure. I’m already starting my next project which is gonna pick up right where Pieces left off.
I really cant wait for you to hear it. I’m really proud of what I have created from just idea’s in my head into reality. It’s blood sweat and tears so I can’t see it not being felt, I just dont want to sound like I’m counting chickens before they hatch, feel me?

S: No doubt, ill be waiting for the drop.

So before we go, I just had to ask; As a New York dude out in Cali are you catching any shit about Kendrick Lamars remarks about being King of New York? Or is that so far off ya musical radar? And much are you reppin for ya hometown and little known Lower East Side, especially?

C: It’s weird to hear it since he’s from Cali, but I get where he’s coming from. Realistically I’m just on the sideline with my popcorn watching the game, but once I get off the bench it’s go time. I know theres a few people in the lower east side doing the damn thing but honestly I’m on a different page. I rep my city everyday of my life so yes, I will carry a flag for them everywhere I go. After all, no ones REALLY doing it for LES so when the time’s right I hope I get to put my city on my back and carry the torch.

S: Dope, Anything left you want to tell the readers?

C: Stay tuned for Pieces coming soon, and I promise before you know it, the Lower East Side will be on the map. Shout out to everyone that has contributed and led me to these moments. I cant name them all right now but they know who they are, and thank you my g for blessing me with an opportunity to speak on my life.

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