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Court today yall, wish me luck!


Me: Sure bro, good luck and all lat, what u got knocked for?

Fuck nigga: hopping the turnstyle on 125th






If its one thing i learned from social media is a nigga (ESPECIALLY born in the 90s) will turn up for some sympathy likes and comments and the “going to court” post has been high on the list of shit to pump.

Now before i continue, let me say, some muthafuckas be REALLY  having to go through it when involving the court system. Shit that involves YEARS and i feel for yall. Being locked up for any amount of time is trash. feel free to post yall shit up cuz who knows next time you’ll have access again. Its still alil drake, but its understandable.

But im talkin to yall, trespassing after dark, open container summons ass niggas who AT MOST will face alil community service acting like ya might have a chance of doing a bid. Yall niggas need to respect yaselves and cut that shit out forreal.

First off dun, im not wasting a prayer for a nigga wit a court appointed lawyer. You bought whatever consequences on yaself when u allowed this struggle lawyer to takeover ya case.
Why should i respect ya situation when u aint een respect ya self to get out of it? Ya lawyer outchere rockin the Tracy Mcgrady cut suit and hush puppies, having to handle 20 cases a day and you expect him to get you the best results?
NIGGA  u aint even got the decency to rock a button up to ya court date! Got the nerve to come in smelling like dank, saggin ya pants and shit.
Mannnnn look, miss me with the bullshit!

Maybe its society glorification of jail life as a symbol of being “Real” that got yall niggas pumping that court talk as if its a badge of honor. You just tellin everybody ya stupid ass got caught.


Then you got some niggas who post up about court day and then dont respond to any questions for the rest of the day.
Niggas out here building anticipation for the let down and shit.
Got me feelin alil bad n shit like..

“Well maybe the nigga did jus get thrown under the jail”
“Maybe i should of been a bit more positive”
“I gotta stop assuming”

Meanwhile that nigga BEEN back home drinkin top pop cola, scratchin his balls, playin 2k n shit not worryin bout a cot dayum thing…

Niggas always hear about the court date but never about the consequences. Why is that?
You see niggas next week posting photos of bottles n weed and niggas dont een shoot ya boy a holla.

Man..fuck yall forreal.