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It’s gone be a long 2014 bruh..

Smh I know it has been a while since ya boy Trapavelli P. Dowski has blessed ya with his presence on SHAQFACE with nothing but the holy scripture, words of wisdom to help ya get ya thru ya tarnished lives.

I know the viral streets need some uplifting shit they can relate to. To start off the new year, I am here to bless ya with such a prolific read. Although 2014 has jus started I can already tell its gone be one of them years ya boy will not have a splendid time in smh

Well look here, ya boy decided to get his iTunes up to par. Thought i’d download & reshape my whole discography of tunes. No lie, i spent about 3 hours on my leather couch with a tray of Tostino pizza rolls tryna figure out oldies and new records to bless this laptop. You kno it was a must to get them 2 new Drizzy Graham records on the pc.I Had to redownload them Ron Isley x Kells feud records (ya boy Ron never learned his lesson) & more other baby makin music cause my “for the bitches” playlist was lackin something serious.

Who ever wifi i stole was logged on to must’ve been having a field day. She must’ve had every device logged on that bitch the way my shit was moving.

Well the deed was done, I felt like i accomplished a significant goal. Felt like i was gone start off the new year very well. Nobody could tell me shit, i was untouchable.I had the tunes, multiple themed songs were downloaded to describe every aspect of my life. At this point i was relieved, tired, worn & what better way to get me back in the mood than listening to music?

…..So i’m here enjoyin the juices of my labor. 1st song to play was Avant’s record “Separated“, havent heard this in a minute, plus the situation i was in with my ex, it was so called for.

Boy, when that music proceeded to play, the soothing feelin to my ears had my limbs so relaxed i jus sat back , tray of 2 and half tostino pizza rolls fell on the floor, I ain’t even care.

… Until something real funny happen with the music & boy i tell you this was probably the foulest thing that can happen to a man who spent 3 hrs downloading music. I couldn’t understand why was this happening to me, i aint deserve this shit. I couldn’t believe this, i proceeded to play the next 3 songs and they all had the same thing in common. all these records were CLEAN VERSIONS fam!!

All ya boy heard was mad blank space and replaced words doggy. Shit like “i cant believe i stayed around that DANG long” dang ? really.. dang? foreal fam? the word “damn” was such a bad word we need to re-sculpture the whole record fam? sheeeit.

when i tell you i was highly upset bro… i was HIGHLY UPSET.  Why was there even a clean version to Avant “Separated”? why are there even clean versions in existence? This world is sick for even letting such things happen.

Shit you would’ve thought i downloaded music on HOT97s official website dawg. The engineers who actually take the time to edit good quality music should deserve to feel the wrath of 63 gils fam, don’t nobody wanna pump no clean Ying Yang Twins record in the club fam, We can’t get jiggy to that, thats not the wave at all.  God bless the souls of the DJs who wanna fuck around & play edited records in the club, Got me feelin like im at a middle school prom and shit. there’s def a special place in hell for stunts like that.

“My hitta my hitta, my muh—— hitta”

No nigga.. You gotta be some new nigga to enjoy that tom foolery

If this is the sign of the times, then Its gone be a long 2014..