So first and foremost, i know, i know a brother been away for few joints now and i may have had ya wondering like what the hell happen to shaqface? Some of ya prolly like who or wtf is a shaqface? I dropped the ball and for that, My bad bruh and bruhzettes.

But shit happens nigga…..Bruh pen game was on larry holmes status for a while. And now the hair is following suit…
Cuh ..

The young adonis is catching an unforgiveable L bruh. The George jeff is starting to invade my cerebellum and i cant do nothing right now but


Im hurt…..nigga swag levels droppin with every hair follicle lost

Smh the lucious waves starting to look like the big homie Moses came thru parting the sea and shit. Got me contemplating transplating pubes to the top of the dome ,smelling like ass and defeat smh. But shit if lebron cant find the cure,there aint no hope for a broke nigga so it is what it is…

You know, im a fairly confident gangsta (Even with the white man tellin me i cant move up out the mailroom. So ima move this mail while i fuck his wife)  so at first when somebody mentioned i was balding, At the time im playin it to the left like ahhhh fuck outta here  it aint nothin but alil kevin durant going on, ill be iigh its just my wave pattern na mean

(Sidenote but White dude lookin at durant like “ dunk that ball nigger” or am i trippen?)

Till i found out out it was worse then i thought..

First off fuck whoever invented portable mirrors tho forreal cuz yall helped facilitate the ether…
So i decided to check it out.  Standing at my bathroom mirror, turnt around and i begin viewing my male pattern baldness through a lil ass mirror Like…


So immediately, I jump online to backpage  hair loss sites tryin to find a cure. lookin at reviews for all these miracle hair loss sprays and cremes refusing to accept the inevitable. 

For some, the bald head works but naa bruh i aint got the head for it. A nigga out here lookin like J.B smoove aint woah bruh. Smh shit gon kill my clubbin on college nights. I cant be the balding nigga in the club trying to trap a young 20 year old scuzzy no mo.

 So after a few weeks and a stack dropped on hoes  products that didnt work i decided, fuck it. im not gon shave but im not gon worry bout it either. I cant allow the foolishness that was sprayed on Carlos Boozer’s scape to invade my cipher.

 I’ve come to the realization that the gawd is indeed mortal afterall and im rocking to the wheels fall off. Its coo doe cus ill still  slap the kufi off ya niggas who got jokes b.

Salute to the OGs like coolio who aint afraid to say its not over yet. 

We all we got and hopefully more post to come.


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