Simon says, you’re doing it wrong!


Hey kids!
Dont you love the exciting interactive game of Simon Says that test your ability to listen and quickly respond according to what an underpaid teacher who really rather not be in this hood ass school decides to pull out of her sherm induced thoughts?

Isnt this SOME MUCH FUN???

The laughter, theres sooo much laughter!!!!!

…Well We’ve decided to completely ruin that experience and HAVE YOU PLAY IT IN SPANISH CLASS!!!!


How in THE FUCK you think me, a nigga that JUST learned what “mi llamo es” means, is gon survive in a room full of vultures?

Talkin bout some Simone Dicé, da fug?

Lucy been winning this damn game since birth and you want me to compete against that dun?

Son…im so furious niggas thought this was gon help us learn, like a nigga aint been thru ten years of the D.A.R.E program and wasnt high for 9 of em!

Im over here side-eyeing the fuck outta niggas, tryna creep up on the come up of wins but it aint working.
But these fuck niggas caught on and starting throwing up different shit so my fool ass get hit wit the bait and switch and get eliminated.

Yea go on and laugh at the lil black nigga that dont know what an elbow is in spanish, its cool. Bet money u cant do no real nigga shit like dunk a basketball!

Meet me at the Gawd Hour so i can black ya eye before sunset.

Nigga cant get out the first round of this game on some Tracy Mcgrady shit but im spose to be learning?

Mannnnn…Simone Dicé these nuts b!


6 Things You Need To Know Before You Start College!


Now i know for most young bruhs and bruhzettes its finally time to kiss the hood goodbye. Summer is over and its your first semester in a crappy community college majoring in some shit you prolly wont benefit from once you graduate.

Now if your like me, a typical real nigga, you may not be well prepared for the challenges being unsupervised for the first time will bring.
(Ample time to beat off and white people for example)

Thankfully im here to guide you with 6 things YOU MUST learn to become the Don Catagena of this school shit.

1. These hoes don’t love you dawg.


Dun last thing you need to be doing is looking for love in college. Dudes often time get gassed off a shorty droppin that snack pack on they head within a few days of meeting her and get the game fucked up.
“Na b, she really likes me”
You’ll be in a world of drake emotions once you realize your love at first sight was really just lust on her end and after that 3 minute encounter she is already on to the next. Dont say i didnt warn yo puke ass when you see her hugged up wit the next fool.

2. Ball the fuck out with that refund check!

Bruhhhhhhh its MAGIC MONEY!! Dont worry about where the fuck it comes from or how it will hurt u in the long run.

You need the new Jay’s? GET EM!
Xbox one or Ps4? Cop BOTH!

Ball on these fuck niggas while being a fuck nigga in the process! This will prolly be your first and last time having stacks at your disposal.
Gon nigga, BE GREAT!

3. Don’t make your dorm room the “hot spot”.


Now i know at first it sounds like a great idea, Party 24/7 and become mister popular in the process! …No!
Bruh let me tell you why this no bueno..
Not every hour is party hour, You gon be maaad when u wanna come home from a long day and relax and you open your door to a bunch of stink muthafuckas playing Call of duty and FIFA.
Also you becoming mister popular means the hoes aint gon wan fuck with you “but but i thought that would attract the hoes?”
Naa bruh, by now you’ll have a rep as a party animal/player. No self respecting chick gon wanna be caught dead in ya room due to the stigma involved wit dealing wit you. Best bet is too stay low cuh..

4. Don’t cop weed from the shady black dude on campus.


This campus drug dealing nigga gon beat you in the head fam. Yea they got that good but niggas factor that long ass trip from the city to the campus into their prices. Coppin Dimes going for 20, 20sacs for $50, PLUS will lie about what they got. Last thing you wanna be is high AND disappointed with the amount of money you coulda saved if you was back home. Them ramen noodles aint woah. Becareful tho, this wave of thinking may make you ponder becoming campus drug dealing nigga.
Fuck with them homegrown white folk selling dat Mid. Yeaa it aint the best but it aint as expensive and you get more bang for ya buck. Fuck all that trying to smoke like a rapper shit. Weed is weed. Get high and shut the fuck up!

5. Stay away from keystone light and Bartons vodka!
Bruh bruh DONT DO IT! You WILL get worldstar’ed outchere with no fucks given. You wanna be humiliated beyond your wildest imagination anddd not even remember a thing?
I didnt think so..
Now i kno practicing proper judgement at 18 is hard as fuck to do but if you MUST drink let it be by some quality shit. Im sure it sounded like a great idea to play beer pong with shots of 151 before you realized your hand eye coordination wasnt up to par.

6. White people bruh. Cant live with em, Cant live without em.

Mannn what can i say… Your gon run into the ones who play world of warcraft all day, dont flush toilets, leave hair every fuckin place and use miracle whip.


You’re also gon run into the cool as fuck, smoke you up, play beer pong with, cant dance for shit but stay wit them slores, slightly gay joking (Homie dont play that shit tho! You aint bout to draw a penis on MY face) white folk.

Going through these experiences will in return make you a better individual. They say 90% of what you learn will be outside the classroom, so dont jus stay wit one pocket of friends. Move around, you may never know the benefit of these connections until years later!

Now that you soaked up game, go out and do ya thing with confidence of a fuckin soldier! Jus remember to strap up. Dont be outchere catching da drips! It wont be good for your aura.

Shaqfacing the Industry: CP


Moving forward in this installment of Shaqfacing the Industry, We take a trip out to the West Coast to chop it up wit the Homie CP formally known as Chris-P. We dig into his intresting sound, the move from New York to Cali, the scoop on his first tour and more!

Shaqface: Chris-P. Cali-forn-i-a by way of Lower East Side, Manhatten huh?

CP: Its just CP now, lifes easier that way haha, but yeah from the Lowa to Los Angeles.

S: No doubt, no doubt. What was the cause for the move? Was it strictly a career decision?

C: Yeah I mean if you told me I’d move out to the West coast two years ago off of music, I’d probably laugh. I started releasing stuff fall of 2011, then I signed with my management and a label early 2012. They  moved me out to LA and I’ve been here ever since grindin.

S: Thats big bruh! Salute. So who you signed with? And explain how you felt when you got that call to come to Cali. I imagine the first thing you would think about is the women and weed huh? Haha.

C: I signed with ArtClub International and Indie Pop. It’s crazy cause both companies deal with huge artists, it can be intimidating sometimes with the caliber of work thats needed but I can tell you the hard work really pays off in the end.

Before I moved, I thought I was just goin to visit for a week and during that visit they asked me to stay and move from New York and really pursue a career in music. Im not gonna lie as good as it sounds, you think of what your about to leave as well. It was alot but I sacrificed it all and it’s been worth the grind. If i didnt take it I’d be beating myself up years down the line.

After I got the support from my family, the woman, weed and weather thing definitely kicked in. I’d be lying if I told you it isn’t gorgeous.
It feels like a long ass vacation.

S: Haha I bet.

So your sound is quite unique bruh. I can’t quite call you a rapper but im not sure if what you do is labeled as R&B. How would you best describe what it is you actually do?

C: Alternative would probably put me in more of a box if needed but I just love making music, I produce my work, engineer it, write all of it, sing/rap whatever the song calls for. Id rather just do everything myself. I hear its the only way to get things done right. It’s not the easiest thing in the world but its worth it.

S: Well your definitly putting that work in. Funny story, when I mentioned to a friend overseas about your music seemingly to put her on it (and increase my chances on gettin some) she infact told me she already heard some of your music before in the local clubs and had you already in her ipod. it was under the group One Room. I was surprised and needless to say, didn’t get the snack pack but can you tell me a bit about who the group consist of?

C: Thats amazing! When I 1st was putting out music, I was making it all with one of my homies, Samuel. It was pretty much just him and I making music organically which lead to a dope lil buzz. It’s also how I was introduced to the people I’m with now. We still got some heat, I just had to keep grounded and continue to create a lane for myself musically like I originally had planned. Timing is everything and soon enough everything will come into the light.

S: Now your music is very visual yet mysterious. You’ve seem to focus more on the artistic side of things with you rarely shown performing the actual song or even in the video. Is that strategically done to hide your identity? You on ya MF Doom steez?

C: I mean, One Room is pretty mysterious for sure. It kind of just happened that way. On the other hand I do have my solo stuff that shows a bit more of who I am. One of my videos I’m half naked so theres extremes to it. I would always try to take an artistic route visually just cause thats what it is, art. I would love to take credit for my stuff visually one day but for now I have an amazing team of people that work with me on it. One of those people being my manager, Yolande Geralds.

S: Has music always been a part of ya life and goal of yours? Cuz I heard in high school you were quite the jokester and rarely shown any musical output. Were you keeping it hidden?

C: I blame my parents. My family LOVES music, so naturally it’s always been a part of my life. From Marvin Gaye to the Beatles to Hector Lavoe. I just think in high school I was going through culture shock and found a comfort zone making beats. I didn’t start really singing seriously until college and even then it was weird for me. Now I’m comfortable but I’m no where near satisfied. I have a ton of things to really buckle up on but everday I get closer. If you love to do something, its not work

S: I feel you.

So you’re on tour right now, correct? Tell me about that fam! First one?

C: 1st one! I’m on tour right now with the homie Kyle, on the Beautiful Loser Tour. I’m not doing the entire tour but I def got some good dates in. Super stoked to be a part of it. Its a crazy thing because my 1st performance was in Ventura, CA and it was sold out. Not too many people can say their 1st performance was on a sold out show that opened a tour. I’m honored Kyle wanted me to be a part of it and I’m even happier the response was really dope. Now its just a matter of getting used to the turn up and giving it my all.


S: Thats too dope, you bout to get dem groupies dawgggggg! Any tour stories yet? Also, how we lookin as far as the album?

C: Haha it just a great feeling to see and know that people rock out with you. I couldn’t ask for more. Had joints jumpin’ out the bushes after the show on the way to the car haha; That was pretty funny. It was just unexpected but I’m glad they really enjoyed the show.

My EP is called Pieces and its coming out sooner than later. I cant give you an exact date yet but it’s this fall for sure. I’m already starting my next project which is gonna pick up right where Pieces left off.
I really cant wait for you to hear it. I’m really proud of what I have created from just idea’s in my head into reality. It’s blood sweat and tears so I can’t see it not being felt, I just dont want to sound like I’m counting chickens before they hatch, feel me?

S: No doubt, ill be waiting for the drop.

So before we go, I just had to ask; As a New York dude out in Cali are you catching any shit about Kendrick Lamars remarks about being King of New York? Or is that so far off ya musical radar? And much are you reppin for ya hometown and little known Lower East Side, especially?

C: It’s weird to hear it since he’s from Cali, but I get where he’s coming from. Realistically I’m just on the sideline with my popcorn watching the game, but once I get off the bench it’s go time. I know theres a few people in the lower east side doing the damn thing but honestly I’m on a different page. I rep my city everyday of my life so yes, I will carry a flag for them everywhere I go. After all, no ones REALLY doing it for LES so when the time’s right I hope I get to put my city on my back and carry the torch.

S: Dope, Anything left you want to tell the readers?

C: Stay tuned for Pieces coming soon, and I promise before you know it, the Lower East Side will be on the map. Shout out to everyone that has contributed and led me to these moments. I cant name them all right now but they know who they are, and thank you my g for blessing me with an opportunity to speak on my life.

NEED MORE CP IN YA LIFE? Check him out on…

Aye Judge Joe Brown, you need me to call you a cab dun?


Hahahahahhaha my nigga Judge Joe brown was caught slippen, gone off that loud pack forreal when cameras rolled on this fool  in California.

Heres a few things I learned bout Pimpin ass Joe Brown:

– He about making ALOT of money.

– He beeen quit that judge shit 20 years ago, what he does now. is entertainment.

– He wish he had a buss it baby as a grand daughter. (For what? Shieet ask dat man)

– His Homies dont be having the hoes he desire.

– LTYJ= Luscious Tender Young Juicy.

– If ya shown up on the show, he prolly thinks you’re a peasant.

– His 50 year old wife is Patty Rican.

Like the two-toned face homie,Charlamagne the God be sayin, We live in the age of transparency bruhs. Them wildin out days and gettin away wit it is oveeeer.

Mannn this nigga was going for the Gusto, Niggas caught him in a random ass staircase prolly tired after shittin and throwin up his guts in a dirty ass bathroom.

Bruh you too damn old and famous not have a proper edge when u hanging out for the night. Whats even more fucked up is Downtown Joe Brown was ALONE.
Friends prolly  left this nigga, knowing the impending worldstar ether that was about to occur and they was tryin to be on the low. But here go drunk ass Joe fuckin shit up for the crew knowing damn well their Wifes frown up when he around.


Joe that type of nigga you need a hall pass to chill wit. Get into a fake argument with yo lady just to get out the house for a “breather” knowing Joe down the block in the Caddy already callin up dem freaks.
…. But i cant lie Joe look like the type of drunk nigga that will cuss you the fuck out in an instance so i prolly woulda left that nigga too. Witcho yo ole belks polo, You know homie gave zero fucks!


Either this nigga was gettin turnt during the day or he was lookin for the club let out cut, but got too drunk in the process.

Now Judge Joe i aint een gon bash you for gettin toe up. Shieet we all get caught slippen wit not so proud moments you wish you could erase but dun….YOU JUDGE JOE NIGGA!

You got the bread bruh, If your wife kicked you out the crib and u was all defiant like fuck it im going to the bar! Atleeeast do it responsibly. Niggas outchere aint got yo best intrest at heart. Shiet a nigga like me would of smoothed robbed you for the iphone and dem Pharmacy shades.

Mike Epps tried to warn us….

Shaqfacing the Industry: And-Y


The man behind the lens of some of the hottest up and coming artist in New York City gives an 100% funky, up close and personal look into the life of an “Nihilistic Existentialist”. If you’re already like huh? Then this might be one of the most intresting people you’ve read about in a while.
Oh yea,he raps too..and is pretty f*#cking dope!

Shaqface: Wassup fam, first off how should I address you? Director? Artist? Gatekeeper to whats hot in the street? What?

And-Y: Artist works but if I had to be technical; A rapping, acting,directing existentialist.

S: The fuck is an existentialist? Sound like some freak shit B.

A: Well it could be interpreted that way; Its just a philosophical standpoint pretty much derived from Nietzsche. I can talk about that all day tho haha. Even more technically, im a “Nihilistic Existentialist” but yea.. haha.

S: ….You got it bruh, You got it.

So I met you as a director, so lets begin there.
You’ve made some of the hottest videos I’ve seen in the past couple of years for New Yorks most Up and coming artist such as Knocka, Rich-P and a host of others. Explain what got you into the directorial position and your mindset to differentiate yourself from the rest of the newcomers.

A: To start from the absolute beginning, I’ve been walking around with a camcorder since I was 16. In highschool I’d record parties and edit that footage on windows movie maker; So I’ve been editing a long time. Transitions and all that stuff came once I moved to a little hd kodak flip cam and imovie. I eventually got a t2i and final cut but now working with a 5d.
As far as music videos, I’ve been rapping since I was 12.
I went to Junior High School 104 with Julian aka “Rich P” and would make wack music videos. Rich was way more on the rapping grind than me but we always stayed friends. so I just shot his videos and we built something together.


S: Thats wassup and with your help Rich is one of the hottest dudes moving right now. So im sure as his profile grows, the second question must be “who does his videos?”. So how do you choose the next artist or song to shoot a video for? Does the music really matter as long as the money is there or does it have to be a record you fuck with?

A: Business wise, I’ll shoot anything time willing. Anything to get me out the hood; Im broke relatively. My one rule pertaining to business tho, is to never EVER under any circumstance charge a friend if we came up together. Thats off the strength but otherwise all my business is word of mouth. Im not on craigslist looking for jobs; I just get emails and book monthly. Once in a very blue moon do I actually enjoy the artist’s music that im working with.

S: Thats real bruh. So explain alil bit where you come from.

A: Im from New York City, born and raised in east harlem. First I lived on 115th and lenox with my grandma, then came to 115th and 1st when i was 7. Im 24 now. Ethnically im Puerto Rican, whatever that means.

S: Harlem has always had an abundance of talent.

So Blue-L.. I see it before every video. Is that your company or group?

A: Thats my company for anything business related and another name people call me. As of right now Blue-L is music videos but soon will venture into snapbacks, crewnecks,tanks and other stuff.
Im also afiliated with 3 groups, LTMG, ASMG and Wild Dogz. LTMG (LifeTime Music Group) is with Rich-P, Flo Montana and Pretti Nitti, as a rapper and director. The same as well with ASMG (Acrylic Style Music Group), my first musical clique back in highschool.  “The Wild Dogz” are my brothers that I do all my devious shit with.
LTMG is really where I get my grind from. I suffer badly from anxiety and im a huge introvert but what keeps me working is Rich and guys like Knuckles.
Rich keeps going relentlessly so I have to match him and knuckles is in a better place in life than me so its inspiring. ASMG helps big time with beats, features and blogging.”The Wild Dogz” is who I do all my ignorant shit with like running trains on bitches, gangbangs, bar fights and parties.


S: Word slide some of the merch to ya boy na mean. Im a large in fine fabrics but if its that sun wear quality, night gown length shit, im a small.

  So lets transition from behind the scenes director to infront of the camera as the artist. You have your debut mixtape out right now Y.U.P (Young.Urban.Pyscopath). You got some real solid music on there fam, The Realist featuring knocka (Known most notably for his hit Million dollar baby featuring Nicki Minaj and Max B) is one of my favorite on the tape.
I swear Knocka the only harlem dude I know who can’t help but sound like an ashy knuckle brooklyn nigga with the raps; Pure raw. I was surprised, You actually had something to say unlike alot of other artist.


A: Thanks man; This has literally been a 6 or 7 year project for me. People have constantly asked when I was gonna release it and I couldn’t do so until I felt absolutely perfect with it. I only write 100% FACTUAL lyrics; This might be the only mixtape/album ever all time where a rapper has not one lie on the entire tape. The Realist with me and knocka is also one of my favorites. While shooting his video, I showed him a freestyle I did to luchini and he liked it. He offered that if I wanted a feature, to let him know.
I had the track done with my verse and needed someone else who had something to say life wise so I sent him that and the rest is history. I had to actually live Life in order to write those lyrics. If nothing else, im promoting this mixtape as the most honest collection of rap music you’ll ever hear in life. Every single lyric happened and I can recall every moment and cite whom or what im talking about.

S: I dig that. So im def gon need the story behind the track 40’z and ya boys um… choice of “wardrobe” and face paint. Real dope record but theres some weird shit goin on in that video dun.

A: Aight 40’z, ill start with the video. My boy “The Supreme Juco” is a demon or calls himself one; I dont know, I cant speak on behalf of that thing. But the guy I went to highschool with is a really dope rapper who sometimes dresses as some madea ghost looking thing..I dont know.
40’z is a ode to 40’z beers that me and my crew have been drinking since we were youngins; Shout-out to my homie R.I.P Chris Jusko and my boy Joey. First kids I ever had a 40 with.
As far as the lyrics, I’ll give u some of where they really come from too haha. “The Girls look betta, A nigga so drunk I turn Stella into Ella” is actually a bar nobody will really get unless you know the two girls Stella and Ella. Im also saying Stella the beer turning uglyness into an attractive girl. “Wavy as fuck and im lit like a matchstick, We be getting brains but we never fuck a fat bitch” is about this fat bitch named lashonda who was at a party. “Supreme Juco” was getting dome by her in a room; Me and my boy chris walked in and got some too and bounced!
Otherwise the 40’oz video was half birthday party of mine and half videoshoot. Alot of characters in that video, none of which I asked to be like that. That’s just legitly who they are haha.

S: Well Damn, If that’s not enough to get people to download the tape haha. Where could the readers get it?

A: They can download for FREE on datpiff or Dl and Listen to on MOBILE on soundcloud

S:This has been a great indepth interview; Any last words for the readers?

A: DOWNLOAD the mixtape; Just listen to the lyrics, It’s free. All I want is for people to listen to the lyrics and watch the videos. If I hit the lotto I’ll do all this shit for free!
Check out all my music videos on youtube. I just released “Plan for Me” starring Luii Badass x Janice Danger same day as the tape so def watch that.



S: So I’ve read you were also a very talented drawer and you are…But when I seen this shit dun, I damn near wanted to stop the interview, take a breather, smoke a menthol and question just what fuck and how the fuck…

A: My biggest dream in life above everything is that I hope the music and directing segways into comic books. I’m heavy into comic books and anime; Just art in general. Drawing came first growing up and I still paint; Mostly abstract shit like technical artist Leonardo. Retarded deformed versions of how I see shit, real 3rd grade stuff. But yea, I pretty much suffered from nosebleeds my whole life. One day I let it drip into a Dixie cup and I was looking at a photo of Jesus in my room and just picked up a brush and…

5 Things I Hate About Your Local Pot Head

Ok Ok Ok ja boy Trapavelli is back once again & about to drop the puriest of all knowledge  list about 10 things i can’t stand about ya tree blowers, weed tokers, ganja smokin imbeciles smh.

1. Non-functional Pot Heads: The pot heads who can not make no types of moves with out smoking every 15 minutes. I really don’t get it, i swear they could have pussy, money & for the sake of argument MORE PUSSY lined up for them probably like 3 blocks away with the promise of more weed the next day, but nooo you sleeze balls gotta blow it down right at that moment. ya truly are some new type of niggas.

2. Pride In Smoking Weed Pot Heads: You ever heard someone say “Now everybody smoke!” or call someone a poser for smoking? Yo ya scumbags really take pride in smokin weed. I truly don’t understand it, I truly don’t. These the type of people who’ll wanna see their own mans in the hands cause he for whatever reason feels his mans lying about smoking some exotic strain that he “Could have only smoked” cause he so true  bout this pot smoking life.

3. New Pot Heads: Ok now before ya think i’ contradicting myself with number 2, no i’m not. i really don’t care if you just started smoking 3 seconds ago, hey you smoke you smoke more praise to you, but don’t jump on any social networks  loose ya ga damn mind with like 26 uploads of you smokin  blowing smoking, like ok i get you smoke, you geeked up, you geesed, you are very excited about your life at this point you finally got acquainted with Mary Jane & you think you love that hoe. these are usualy teenage females who are usually tryna impress a nigga or a 30+ year old nigga going through a midlife crisis.

4. Leeching Broads: This is so self explanatory. you probably could catch yourself & friends lightening up a doobie, minding ya own business, doin ya own things at a party. Then all of a sudden a lil tenderonie comes by  makes up what is the most made up convo hopin it leads to the spliff just to get a hit.

5. Corny Pot Heads: This is about 94% of ya. 94% of ya with ya ridiculous antics son, especially when ya turn into conspiracy theorist, actin like ya found the answer to life’s most valuable questions. Frolicking home knowin damn well you aint got no ends for any munchies. Gettin tossed out ya mans spot cause you only had 3 to put in, hopin ya moms aint eat the last pack of shrimp oodles of noodles.
No nigga! I dont wanna watch the latest Battle rap.
Naw im not bout to participate in a Vine Video.
And No I dont have lives to spare in Candy Crush!

Welp thats all folks I hope ya read these things & come to ya senses and see all the wrong in ya ways & get ya life in order. Til next time world you heard it rom yours truly Trapavelli aka MJ of the Trap aka Trapezoid .

Shaqfacing the Industry: M@RV3LOU$


This young wild nigga has been making quite a bit of fuss in the New York Area’s underground scene, performing alongside such prominent City acts as Vinny Cha$e and Smoke Dza. With recent shows in Washington,DC and famed NYC’s Webster Hall, the LoudGang Capo came thru to chop it up about being real in today’s game, having no filter on anything or any one, his team and even speaks on a fellow Brooklyn rapper!
With BK on his back, take a look into how he survives in a city where the skinny niggas die!


Its 20 13, Obama got re-elected, Miley Cyrus is somewhere twerking,Yet u still wanted to become a rapper, why?

I’m just nice hahaha, just kidding, but yea I’m just serious bout this shit.

S: No doubt,no doubt. I feel today alot of rappers DON’T take this game serious. Not ready to step outside the comfort of their computer and get in them trenches.Don’t really know what it is to be a New York artist. So how serious are you about this rap game b? You really want this shit? Why u aint become a poet or some shit?

M: I’m serious enough to Suge knight a blogger or an A&R lol. But real seriously, I wanted this shit as a kid and I ain’t wit that poetry shit b lol.

S: Iigh, I feel you cuh. Aint tryin to get vanilla iced out here haha. So I see you been making a bit of noise in these streets, doing these shows, dropping numerous tapes and got niggas screaming LoudGang. What is that? and should I fear these niggas? Cuz Brooklyn niggas will rob for loosie money..

M: LoudGang is comprised of a few real niggas workin to get shit done and gettin high all the way there. And for dickhead niggas, YES mufuckas should be scared. Some might get dropped on there head real soon haha.

S: There seems to be a real authenticity to ya music, with persona of a nigga who really jus dont give a fuck. East New York to be exact right?.. Da fuck is wrong wit yall niggas out there fam? I smell weed and gun smoke all throughout ya music. Is it something that is consciously done or is that just the brooklyn way?

M: I mean.. Its just lifestyle music my nigga. Niggas in my hood are really gettin shot. Niggas in my hood really trap, so it’s just natural.

S: On social media your pretty known for your rants about the industry, the music and even will call out a few rappers if need be. Do you think that constant in ya face bravado could cause some people to become a bit nervous to deal with you or reluctant to invest? It seems the game ain’t too fair to an artist who really…well..just doesnt give a fuck haha.

M: I mean personally I’m just not for having my time wasted. I’ve also realized I have to tone it down but alot of rants were due to shade business and minor rap shit. As far as investors, we’re pretty self-sufficient and connected.

S: No doubt, well lets get to the music. The mixtape your about to release, All Praise is Due. That’s a real suggestive title fam haha, but it follows your real bold tradition. Tell me about the tape and the reasoning behind the title.

M: Well really it’s a big subliminal, artist wise and trend setting wise. I did alot of things I never got credit for, but instead of rant I channeled it into the message. All Praise is Due is another way of saying pay homage when it’s due to a nigga thats BEEN doing this.

S: So for the record, Kirk Franklin aint droppin a holy 16 on ya tape? Haha.

M: Nah bruh but funny shit is I have a Kirk Franklin promo meme I ain’t drop yet haha.


S: I bet. You’ve been killing the meme game as of recently, striaght hilarity. Also, I peeped you’re a beat maker as well. You dropped two dope instrumental tapes to kind of remind the public that you aren’t one dimensional but actually a multifaceted artist. What side of the coin you enjoy more?

M: Personally, both. Back in the day we used to rhyme on industry instrumentals. Then I said fuck that! Im going to make my own shit and started rappin on those.

S: So you got tired of industry beats and just decided to jump into the beat making game huh? It was that simple? Dont have these cats fooled out here bruh.

M: I mean I’ve been at it since 11-12 years old. So I’ve been doin it for quite some time. Im not like these couple months watching YouTube ass niggas.


S: Word. You out here moving fam. It’s like theres not a spot u HAVEN’T performed in. I swear you would perform in a project living room of a diabetic grandmom’s and her grown ass kids if need be. Tell me about these shows you been killing fam? It seems once that “Choppin Loud” goes thru the speaker, all hell breaks loose. You can really see in the energy, you love what you do.

M: Yea bro, I’ve been blessed to do all types of spots and show people what that Loud is bout. Shouts to the real niggas out there that booked me and the people that came out and supported. Overall I just bring them bars and raw energy…or atleast try to. I’m high at times hahaha.

S: You def give the crowd that real hiphop shit. You mentioned being high. Do you feel artist today use smoking weed as a cover for the uncreativity in their music? The overall exploitation seems a bit cartoonish at times.

M: I feel like using being under the influence as an excuse for some wack shit is unacceptable. Simply sober up and make that shit heat. Me personally, I get blasted when I records but I’m use to it.

S: Word,word. So yo…. this next question is near and dear to my heart. For years I’ve been searching for a clear answer as to why and I feel you can help me figure this shit out.

What the fuck is up wit Papoose b? Like.. that was my nigga my nigga my nigga. How did he fall off so bad and is he currently walking round Nostrand Ave in a leather fitted?

M: Sonnnnnnn I dont even know how to answer that. Honestly, I know he dropped an album this year. That’s about it. He had it during the Smack DVD era tho.


Iight,One more question, Dont front. Jay or Nas?

M: Nas lyrically but jay overall. Bars, business, Brooklyn Nets, haha all that shit!

S: Thats real, I can respect that. Anything else left to tell the people?

M: #AllPraiseIsDue in August, New single and Visuals set to drop called “Ain’t Kno”. Money Green Preme “For The Love”, Content Carter “Content Carter Ep” and Kay Anthony “June 5th”. All coming soon and be on the look out for the joint #LoudGang project as well.
And shouts to the Shaqface blog for interviewing real niggas.

S: Salute.

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